Beach Volleyball

2006 Collegiate National Beach Volleyball Championships

April 22, Harrah's Casino, Reno, NV

Final Results


Match #1
Bibiana Candelas (Southern Cal) / Paula Gentil (Minnesota) (seed 1) def. Lauren Brewster (Notre Dame) / Jessica Veris (Washington) (seed 4), 18-21, 21-12, 15-11 (68 minutes)

Match #2
Jennifer Abernathy (Arizona) / Victoria Prince (Hawai'i) (seed 2) def. Allie Griffin (Colorado) / Rachel Wagener (Maryland) (seed 3), 21-14, 21-19 (44)

Championship Match
Candelas / Gentil (seed 1) def. Abernathy / Prince (seed 2), 21-18, 21-10 (43)


Semifinal Match #1
Candelas / Gentil (seed 1) def. Brewster / Veris (seed 4), 18-21, 21-12, 15-11 (68)

Game 1: Fourth-seeded Brewster / Veris surprised the top seeds, jumping out to a 7-3 lead, spurred on by an ace and a block by Brewster. But Candelas / Gentil were seeded first for a reason, and they showed it by going on a 6-2 run to tie the score at 9-9 when Candelas blocked a ball. The underdogs started to pull away again, going up 17-14 as Brewster was showing her versatility by scoring points on transition (digging a ball and then getting the ensuing kill). Candelas had back-to-back kills to tie the game at 18-18, but then Brewster / Veris scored the final three points to take game one. In round robin play, the team winning game one won the match five out of six times.

Game 2: Candelas / Gentil turned the tables, jumping out to a 7-4 lead. Brewster / Veris clawed back to tied it at 7-7, and had a swing to take the lead, but Candelas denied them with her only block of the game. Candelas / Gentil led 10-9, then closed out the game on an 11-3 run, made possible by the fact they cut their hitting errors down to two for the game (from seven in the first game). Candelas put down an overset on game point, as they won 21-12.

Game 3: After the first side change it was anyone's game, with Candelas / Gentil leading 3-2. At that point, though, Candelas used her 6-5 frame to her advantage in a big way. She killed an overpass to make the score 5-2, got another kill on the second contact the next point, then had a block to extend the lead to 7-2. Candelas / Gentil scored one more point (for a total of five unanswered) in taking an 8-2 edge. Brewster / Veris gave themselves little chance to get back into it as they both missed serves in falling behind 11-6. Gentil, who had an impressive seven digs in each of the three games, got the final kill to win the game 15-11.

Semifinal Match #2

Abernathy / Prince (seed 2) def. Griffin / Wagener (seed 3), 21-14, 21-19 (44) Game 1: Abernathy began the match by serving an ace, and her team scored the first three points. The game was tied 4-4 when Abernathy ended a rally by getting a kill from transition. Every time Abernathy / Prince tried to pull away, Griffin / Wagener responded to keep it close. Wagener had the second of her two blocks to close to 10- 8, and the teams traded points until the score was 14-12. Abernathy / Prince scored seven of the last nine points, with Abernathy getting a pair of blocks sandwiched around an ace by Prince to key the run. Throughout the game the wind was picking up, and the weather had turned noticeably colder, but it didn't seem to bother the players from Arizona (Abernathy) and Hawai'i (Prince), who continued to play in their bikinis while their foes put on the leggings.

Game 2: Prince used the increasing wind to her advantage, getting consecutive aces to pull ahead 4-2, then adding another for a 10-8 lead. Griffin had a kill off transition after perhaps the tournament's longest rally to climb to within one at 11-10. Griffin, whose jump serving caused opponents fits during round robin play, had to abandon that with this weather, and had her fourth service error (with no aces) to give Abernathy / Prince a 12-10 lead. Griffin / Wagener tied the game at 12-12 with hopes of forcing a third game, but those plans were put on hold while Abernathy / Prince scored five of the next six en route to taking a 17-13 lead, capped off by a block by Prince, who tallied six in the two games. Wagener got her team not only back in it, but with a 19-17 lead after getting an ace and then a kill from transition. But Prince, serving from the good side of the court (with the wind in her face), had consecutive aces to take a 20-19 lead. Abernathy then had one of her four blocks in the match to lock in their trip to the finals with a 21-19 win.

Championship Match

Candelas / Gentil (seed 1) def. Abernathy / Prince (seed 2), 21-18, 21-10 (43)

Game 1: Fittingly, with the top two seeds playing, the match began with a good rally, ending when Prince blocked the ball. But that would be the only point for her team until the first sidechange, as Candelas / Gentil, who started on the "bad" side, went up 6-1. Gentil had two aces during that spurt, and the 1-0 lead that Abernathy / Prince began with would end up being the only time in the match that they would lead. Candelas scored a block to push the score to 14-8, then another to make it 19-14. Prince valiantly tried to make a comeback, getting a block to pull within three at 19-16, then got an ace for a 20-18 score. But Candelas closed the door with a kill on the next play, giving her team the win 21-18.

Game 2: Candelas / Gentil looked like a team worthy of being in the AVP Hermosa Beach Open presented by Bud Light in June. After having six combined hitting errors in the first game, the top seeds suffered just one in game two. Candelas / Gentil scored 11 points when serving, while allowing their opponents just one point while serving. During their romp they had many highlights, including a kill off an overset by Candelas to take a 12-5 lead, and a dig and ensuing kill by Gentil to make the score 14-6. Candelas had a pair of blocks in the game, the first making the score 15-6 and then shortly thereafter, stretching the lead to 17-7. Gentil ended the match with a kill, and the top seeds won convincingly 21-10.



2006 Collegiate National Boxing Championships

By Brian Metzler
Staff Writer

April 8, Eldorado Hotel and Casino, Reno, NV

Final Results

112 lbs. - Willie Lloyd, Air Force, decisioned Jason Morris, UNLV, 5-0

119 lbs. - Ezekiel Ignaco, Air Force, decisioned Scotty Yeung, Army, 4-1

125 lbs. - Jeremy Biggs, Navy, decisioned Jose Casas, Nevada, 3-2

132 lbs. - David Schacter, Nevada, decisioned Todd Wilson, Virginia Military Institute, 3-2

139 lbs. - Antone Aku, Navy, decisioned Joshua Mercado, Lock Haven, 3-2

147 lbs. - Thomas Gennaro, Jr., Nevada, decisioned Jeff Watkins, UNLV, 4-1

156 lbs. - Greg Morrell, UNLV, decisioned Larry Mitros, Maryland, 5-0

165 lbs. - Jaimie Varner, Lock Haven, Referee Stopped Contest (RSC) against Matt Pride, Army, 1:51 2nd round

175 lbs. - Jacob Ovidu, Army, RSC, against Josh Sanborn, Navy, 0:31, 3rd Round

185 lbs. - Reggie Smith, Army, RSC, against Jason Crocco, UNLV, 1:50 3rd Round

195 lbs. - Henry Namauu, UNLV, RSC against Steven Soloja, Army, 1:59 1st Round

HWT - Ian Tuznik, Air Force, RSC against David Paddock, Navy, 1:14 3rd round

Team Scores

1. UNLV, 34 points; 2. Air Force 33*; 3. Army 33; 4. Navy, 31; 5. Nevada, 25.

* = won tiebreaker based on having more individual champions



2006 Collegiate National Paintball Association Championships

By Brian Metzler
Staff Writer

April 7-9, Xdrenalin Zone, Dallas, TX

Class A Championship
Connecticut defeated Illinois, 9-8, OT

Class A Semifinals
Illinois def. Purdue, 8-6
Connecticut def. Maryland, 11-5

Class A Quarterfinals
Illinois def. Drexel, 12-3
Maryland def. Penn State, 6-5, OT
Connecticut def. Grand Valley State, 10-2
Purdue def. Georgia Tech, 6-5

Class A Play-in Wild Card
Drexel def. Illinois State, 9-8, OT

Highlights from the event will be broadcast on multiple College Sports TV and CBS platforms beginning May 1 as part of CSTV The Collegiate Nationals, a collection of college championship events showcasing more than 2,000 athletes from more than 40 colleges. Seven sports are included in the inaugural Collegiate Nationals boxing, snowboarding, beach volleyball, triathlon, paintball, wakeboarding and whitewater kayaking.



2006 Collegiate National Snowboarding Championships

April 23, Northstar at Tahoe Resort, Truckee, CA

Final Results


  1. Erin Tanner (Australia National University) 22.9
  2. Maggie Hatt (Sierra Nevada) 20.7
  3. Allie Shields (Hawaii) 17.8


  1. Wyatt Caldwell (Nevada-Reno) 29.1
  2. Jim Leonhardt (UC-Berkeley) 23.5
  3. Chris Bartkowski (Tompkins Cortland) 23.4
  4. Gordon Landrigan (Bishops University) 22.0
  5. Jonathan Penfield (Sierra College) 20.3; 6. Andy Solomon (Oregon) 18.7



2006 USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship

April 22, Sparks Marina, Sparks, NV

Individual Results


  1. Justine Whipple (Navy) 1:55:17
  2. Michelle Lindsay (Virginia Tech) 1:58:05
  3. Katie London (UC-Santa Cruz) 2:02:04
  4. Amanda Felder (UC-San Diego) 2:02:44
  5. Leah Larson (Colorado) 2:03:07


  1. Benjamin Hoffman (Montana) 1:46:12
  2. Justin Laue (UC-Berkeley) 1:46:29
  3. James Duff (UC-Berkeley) 1:47:35
  4. John Dahlz (UC-Berkeley) 1:48:51
  5. James Nielsen (Stanford) 1:49:14

Team Results


1. Montana 26 points; 2. Colorado 42; 3. UC-San Diego 51; 4. Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo 69; 5. Colorado State 87, 6. Metro State Denver 88; 7. UC-Berkeley 104; 8. UC- Davis 117; 9. UC-Santa Barbara 119; 10. Navy 125; 11. Nevada-Reno 138; 12. Stanford 146; 13. Purdue 156; 14. Virginia Tech 160; 15. Ohio State 175; 16. Air Force 199; 17. James Madison 220; 18. Florida 296; 19. Army 298; 20. Arizona 323; 21. UCLA 340; 22. Michigan State 346; 23. Miami (Ohio) 353; 24. Washington 359; 25. Montana State 366.


1. UC-Berkeley 9 points; 2. Montana 19; 3. Purdue 35; 4. Stanford 61; 5. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 77; 6. UC-San Diego 81; 7. Navy 88; 8. Colorado 91; 9. UC-Santa Barbara 108; 10. Florida 135; 11. UCLA 162; 12. Colorado State 171; 13. Arizona State 182; 14. Army 184; 15. Penn State 189; 16. Michigan State 206; 17. Air Force 227; 18. Ohio State 256; 19. Iowa 290; 20. Virginia Tech 345; 21. New Mexico 363; 22. UC- Davis 430; 23. Long Beach State 434; 24. Arizona 471; 25. USC 499.



2006 Collegiate National Wakeboard Championships

April 23, Sparks Marina, Sparks, NV

Final Results

Championship Round

Florida 5, Sacramento State 2

Semifinal Round

Florida 5, Minnesota 2
Sacramento State 4, Central Florida 3

Step-Up Competition

  1. Nick Clausnitzer (Minnesota)
  2. Jonathan Jasiewicz (Rollins College)
  3. Chris Kelley (Sacramento State)

Last Chance Qualifier

  1. Rollins College
  2. North Carolina-Wilmington
  3. Arizona State


Whitewater Kayaking

2006 Collegiate National Whitewater Kayak Boatercross Championships

April 21, Truckee Whitewater Park Reno, NV

Men's Final

  1. Lane Jacobs (Oregon)
  2. Andrew Peterman (Stanford)
  3. Andy Maser (Oregon)
  4. Jesse Shimrock (Garrett College)

Women's Final

  1. Amanda Marusich (Stanford)
  2. Katie Scott (Montana)
  3. Lizzy English (Nevada-Reno)
  4. Shanna Powell (Garrett College)

2006 Collegiate National Whitewater Kayak Freestyle Championships

April 22, Truckee River, Reno, NV

Men's Semifinals

  1. Jacob Selander (North Carolina) 25
  2. Jon Meyers (Western State College)
  3. Jesse Shimrock (Garrett College) 17.5


  1. Jacob Selander (North Carolina) 20.8
  2. Jon Meyers (Western State College) 19.5

Women's Semifinals

  1. Dianne Gaydos (UC-Davis) 15.2
  2. Lizzy English (Nevada-Reno) 9.8
  3. Erin Griffith (Montana) 8.9


  1. Dianne Gaydos (UC-Davis) 12.7
  2. Lizzy English (Nevada-Reno) 10.6