Volleyball Announces Big Mamma's Burrito Eating Contest

Winning student to receive two free burritos per week for an entire quarter

The Ohio volleyball team and Big Mamma's burritos have teamed up for the first-annual Big Mamma's Burrito Eating Contest.

Sept. 9, 2008

ATHENS, Ohio - Think you can eat an entire burrito in under 60 seconds? If so, give it a try in the first-annual Big Mamma's Burrito Eating Contest. Stop by Big Mamma's Burritos' Court St. location during regular business hours from Sept. 8-23 for your chance to compete.

After students sign up, they will be able to compete in the store at that time. Students will be timed while eating the burrito and the top 15 times will go on to compete following the Bobcats' showdown with Akron on Sept. 26 at The Convo. All students that finish the burrito under 60 seconds will be refunded their money.

Contestants will be required to purchase and attempt to consume a 24 oz. Chipotle Ranch Burrito. Students will be allowed to remove one item from the burrito: tomato, lettuce, or onion. The student must eat the entire burrito and the clock will stop when the student has finished everything in his or her mouth. The top 15 times will be posted in the store so that students will be able to gauge their standing in the competition.

The top 15 students will compete in the finals, to be held after the volleyball match at the "Yell Like Hell, Pep Rally" on Sept. 26. All students and head volleyball coach Ryan Theis will compete in a burrito eating contest, eating a 24 oz. Chipotle Ranch burrito. This event will be timed, and the first person to completely finish their burrito will win the contest and a prize from Big Mamma's. Burritos eaten at the finals will be provided free of charge by Big Mamma's Burritos.

Big Mamma's burritos will present a prize to the winner - two free Big Mamma's burritos per week for an entire quarter, roughly estimating to around 20 free burritos for the quarter. The contest is being presented by Big Mamma's Burritos and Ohio Volleyball.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (740) 593-9689.



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