Georgia Tech Volleyball Hosts Final Scrimmage Saturday

April 6, 2006

The Georgia Tech volleyball team returns to the gym Saturday hosting four schools in all-day scrimmages in O'Keefe Gymnasium and the Alexander Memorial Coliseum. Playing in the scrimmages are Georgia State, Mississippi, Chattanooga and Alabama.

"Our team is looking forward to our last spring scrimmage this year," said head coach Bond Shymansky. "We have had some great practices this spring and Saturday will be a good way for us to finish on a good note. We are playing against three good teams and should have a chance to play a lot of different lineups since we are playing so many matches."

Because of the number of teams, matches will be played in both O'Keefe Gymnasium and the Alexander Memorial Coliseum. Georgia Tech is slated to play in O'Keefe Gym at 10 a.m. against Georgia State followed by a meeting with Ole Miss at 11 a.m. Following a lunch break, the Jackets will finish the afternoon against Chattanooga at 2:30 p.m. and then complete the day against Alabama at 3:30 p.m.

The full schedule of the scrimmage is listed below.

Georgia Tech Volleyball Spring Scrimmage
		O'Keefe Gymnasium				Alexander Memorial Coliseum
10 a.m.		Georgia Tech vs. Georgia State		Alabama vs. Ole Miss
11 a.m.		Georgia Tech vs. Ole Miss			Alabama vs. Chattanooga
1:30 p.m.	        Alabama vs. Georgia State			Ole Miss vs. Chattanooga
2:30 p.m.	        Georgia Tech vs. Chattanooga		    Ole Miss vs. Alabama
3:30 p.m.	        Georgia Tech vs. Alabama			Chattanooga vs. Georgia State



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