On the road with Dianna Pfenninger

The senior goalkeeper updates Longhorn fans on the team's NCAA experience in Portland

Nov. 15, 2008

Hey Longhorn Fans,

One game down, and one to go on the weekend. The game last night was really fun. I felt like our team truly played to its potential. The intensity just stepped up a couple of notches for our first tournament game. We got back to the hotel last night in good spirits, looking ahead to Sunday. And, after waking up well-rested, we had breakfast, and took off to training around 12:15.

On our own for lunch today, came the announcement of junior Stephanie Gibson, over the microphone on the bus--in her best Indian accent. The laughter rose as her announcement continued, because she was "Anish Malpani"--our manager from Dubai. With free time until 8 p.m. tonight, many of the girls are walking around town, shopping, eating, or just exploring.

There are so many things to see here in Portland, Oregon. Especially right around town. Powell's book store has been one of the most popular attractions--right behind Niketown. As we bussed to practice this afternoon, I noticed a mountain in the midst of all of the hills around. It has been a while since I've seen a sight so unique. And, as much as I love Texas, I love the seeing the beautiful landscape here, filled with all of the colors of fall.

Chipoltle, Whole Foods, and Quiznos were among the lunch choices today. Many of the girls have gotten to spend time with their families for a good portion of the day, and players' families are invited to our dinner tonight. Speaking of dinner, last night, we ate at this quaint little Italian restaurant that you should visit if you're ever here in town. The owner of Piazza Italia, a little old Italian man, sang to each table, and told stories of his childhood. Our whole team was entertained. And we enjoyed a wonderful meal.

And tonight, we're eating in the Executive Tower of the Hilton hotel here in Portland. I've never been in an "Executive" center before, so I'm pretty excited to see what dinner will be like tonight. As always, I wish you guys could be here with us, but we'll do our best to make that happen with a win tomorrow against the Pilots!



Take care and Hook 'em!


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