Harvard Falls In Penalty Kicks

Northeastern wins NCAA opening

Nov. 14, 2008

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. -- Erin Wylie scored a goal and added an assist in regulation and Lauren Mann made two saves, but Harvard women’s soccer dropped its opening round game of the NCAA tournament to Northeastern, 4-2, in penalty kicks.  Christina Hagner added a goal for Harvard in the first half.

At 92:40 of the first overtime, Wylie bounced the ball into the top left portion of the box and made a quick pass to Hagner, who was coming down the left side.  Hagner got a foot on the ball, but it went to the left and out of play.  Moments later, Harvard regained possession and Melanie Baskind took the ball directly down the middle. She fired a hard shot towards the left, but Gordon dove to her right to grab it with two hands.

Northeastern created a good transition play around one minute into the second overtime, but Emilee Ellison could not manage a strong enough shot after receiving a pass from the left.  The ball bounced twice before reaching Mann, who covered up.

Neither team could muster a scoring chance the rest of the way in overtime, as the game moved to penalty kicks.  Harvard led the final count in shots, 15-13, and had five of the nine shots on goal.

In the first round of penalty kicks, Northeastern’s Kirby Anderson took the shot that was good to the left side.  Nicole Rhodes took the first shot for Harvard, picking the right side.  Gordon chose correctly and pushed the ball away.

Next, Lucchesi shot for the Huskies and bounced a low shot to the right.  Mann moved right over and kicked it away.  Patricia Yau then stepped up and blasted a shot into the left corner to tie it, 1-1. 

Brenna Matthews opened the third with a soft shot to the right, which Mann stopped.  However, the Crimson goalkeeper was called for an infraction for moving off the line and Matthews was awarded a second kick.  Matthews chipped the latter kick into the left side, putting Northeastern up, 2-1.  Lizzy Nichols followed and knotted the game once again, going straight down the middle.

Jatkola came next and kicked the ball high over Mann to give Northeastern its third penalty kick goal.  Wylie then stepped to the box and booted a shot that went wide left. 

Kelly Matthews clinched the game for Northeastern with a high shot that went directly over Mann and into the cage, giving Northeastern a 4-2 victory in penalty kicks.

Harvard (10-3-5) earned the first corner kick of the contest at 7:54, but Baskind’s boot could not find a Crimson target in the box and Northeastern’s defense cleared away. 

In the 18th minute, Erin Wylie played the ball ahead from midfield to Baskind, who in turn, pushed it ahead to a speeding Katherine Sheeleigh.  Sheeleigh took on four defenders from the right corner of the box and managed a shot, but it went wide left of the goal. 

At 20:38, Northeastern’s Liza Rebello outran a Crimson defender to the ball on the right side, gained possession and made a quick pass towards the center.  Kelly Matthews came in alone and blasted a shot that went into the top left corner of the net, past a leaping Lauren Mann, as the Huskies took a 1-0 lead.

Northeastern (13-8-2) was called for a foul deep in its own zone at 27:15.  Lizzy Nichols took the ensuing free kick, but hit it high and out of the box.  The Crimson regrouped and kept possession before moving it back towards the goal.  After the ball bounced off a defender on a cross attempt by Rachael Lau, Baskind had a shot attempt from top of the box, but bounced it wide of the cage. 

The Crimson knotted the game at 35:19 when Gina Wideroff dribbled the ball into the right corner.  She shot it towards the net, but her attempt was blocked.  Wideroff grabbed the rebound and bounced it towards the center, finding Wylie.  The senior midfielder kicked the ball a few feet in front of her with her right foot.  The ball deflected directly to Hagner, who drilled it home for her team-leading seventh tally of the year.

After one period, Harvard led in shots, 4-3, with each team only having one shot on goal apiece.  Corner opportunities were tied, 2-2. 

Less than 90 seconds into the restart of play, Kelly Matthews fought off a Crimson defender and lifted a high shot from about 25 yards out.  Mann timed it out and jumped to grab it about six feet off the ground for her first save of the evening.   The Huskies had a corner chance at 4:48, but Tinna Nielsen pushed it too far over the heads of the Northeastern attackers, and the Harvard defense cleared to midfield.

At 54:48, Wylie took the ball into the Northeastern zone and blasted a shot towards the cage.  A defender blocked the shot and a long rebound went back towards Wylie, who one-timed it towards the left of the net.  This time the ball got through and put Harvard up 2-1, as the senior tallied her third goal of the year. 

With 32 minutes to play, Patricia Yau made a moved around a defender and pushed the ball towards the left of the box before centering a pass.  Fellow freshman Hana Taiji waited for the pass and took a quick shot, but it went right at Northeastern’s Stephanie Gordon, who covered up.  Harvard had another quality chance with around 21 minutes left on the clock, as Hagner made a smooth cross pass from the left, but Baskind could not get a good look after she received the pass. 

On the ensuing Northeastern possession, Harvard was called for a foul and Kelly Matthews was awarded a free kick from around 30 yards out on the left side.  She booted a hard shot towards the goal that bounced halfway into the box and over Mann’s head, tying the game, 2-2.

In the 82nd minute, Baskind stole a pass at the center line and dribbled all the way down the field while being chased by two Huskies.  The freshman moved to her right and got a shot off, but it soared high and to the right, going out of play.

Jenna Lucchesi took a free kick for the Huskies with just under three minutes to go, directing towards a crowd in front.  Several players jumped trying to head it.  Kelly Matthews got the best play on it, but headed it over the goal.

Baskind got a shot off in the final ticks of the second period, but Gordon pulled it down with two hands to force overtime. 

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