Road Trippin' With The Tigers

A recap of the weekend in Athens, Ga., and the matches against No. 6 Stanford and No. 5 Virginia

The team reacts after Allison Whitworth's PK save

Sept. 9, 2008


by Sammy Towne, Sophomore, Defender

Thursday, September 4

Departure was set for 4:30 Auburn time as the team prepared to make its way to the home of the Bulldogs in Athens Georgia. We were only on the road for an hour when we made our first stop at O'Charlie's in Newnan. The food was delicious and at the end of our dinner, it was my birthday, so the entire team and staff sang happy birthday to me. A piece of double chocolate cake was quickly devoured by the team and then we got back on the bus. After about three hours we reached our destination. The Courtyard Marriot was our hotel for the weekend. We all received our room assignments, my roommate was Allison Whitworth, and made our way to our rooms, except for Lydia Townsend. She felt it necessary to play a prank on our new trainer Cindy Campbell. So while Cindy was in the bathroom Lydia hid in the closet of the hotel waiting for the best opportunity to pop out. When she revealed herself to Cindy I am pretty sure the whole team awoke because of Monica Afanador's laughing at the occurrence. Her laugh echoed all the way down the hall drawing the attention of Coach Hoppa and several freshmen. We figured it was late and needed to calm down and get to bed for a big game tomorrow.

Friday, September 5

Everyone woke up in the morning to a complementary breakfast which was followed by film. We spent the entire day mentally and physically preparing ourselves for our game that night against Stanford. We had lunch at Loco's and our waiter was quite the character. Coach Keidane McAlpine did an impression of our waiter that resembled the turtle from Finding Nemo. It was hilarious! Treatment was held after lunch and then we made our way to the Georgia soccer complex. From the first minute of the game we knew it would be an extremely intense and hard match. Allison Whitworth our goalkeeper had some unbelievable saves, but in the end we fell to the Cardinal 3-0. Moving past our loss, the only thing we could do was prepare for our game on Sunday against Virginia. Most of the girls had family in town and went out to dinner with them after the game. The remaining group went on an uphill journey to Subway where we ate a delicious meal with our trainer Cindy Campbell and our wonderful managers Kim and Mary. Lydia Townsend had dinner with her family and was caught by our team's gossip girl, "Keidamy" (Keidane and Amy) with their camera phone eating ice-cream.



As president of the Twilight book club I would like to make a special shout out to two girls Chelsea Yauch and Addison Ragsdale who are members of the Auburn Twilight book club and who are now on the third book. Julie King you will someday make it through the second book, I hope. Also to the rest of you keep up the dedication, you will be rewarded by the reading itself.

Back from dinner at our hotel we hung out and watched a ton of videos on youtube in Monica and Lydia's room. I was accompanied by Monica Afanador, Lydia Townsend, Julie King and Coach Amy Berbary. We could not stop laughing. Everyone else hung out and watched TV or did some homework. Time for bed...

Saturday, September 6

We all got to sleep in, ate breakfast, and then head to a productive session of study hall. I found out from my dear friend Becca Howell that she ate all three of the cookies I left in her room. In her eyes they were fair game - in mine she maliciously stole them. There are no harsh feelings about the incident now. Mid-day the team went on a jog and stretch, had lunch and came back and relaxed at the hotel for a few hours. We did not have a game that night so it was a pretty chill day. We witnessed Auburn football win its second game in a row. Coach Hoppa was not present Saturday because she was in Tampa cheering on our former Tigers Ronda Brooks and Sarah Steinman at the professional combine. Treatment was held again that night and Cindy's treatment crew, or the individuals we call the lifers, left a present on Coach Amy's pillow. She loved it! That night for dinner we went to Johnny Carino's and on our way home we had our first official Rookie Review! Each freshman was interviewed by our mc Coach Kd and then danced up and down the aisle. It was very entertaining to find out the personal lives of our freshies. After we arrived back home we hung out and went to bed to prepare for another tough game against #5 Virginia!

Sunday, September 7

We awoke Sunday morning with a feeling of excitement because we knew what lay ahead of us. The whole team made a commitment to leave everything on the field in the game against UVA. At halftime the score was 1-0 Virginia. We would not compromise with being defeated so we came out in the second half very positive and confident. Gabi Rivera had an amazing penalty kick to tie the game up. The game went into overtime and our goal keeper Allison Whitworth proved herself again by blocking a UVA penalty kick. The game ended in a tie. The Auburn Tigers tied the fifth ranked team in the nation and it felt great. If one thing is to be taken away from this game it is that we have confidence and believe we can compete with any team in the country. War Eagle!!

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