Pregnancy Shouldn't Affect Athletic Scholarship, NCAA Panel Says

Measure passed this week by the NCAA cabinet on academics, eligibility and compliance

Sept. 14, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Schools would be barred from cutting financial aid to athletes for any injury or medical condition, including pregnancy and eating disorders, under a proposal approved by an NCAA Division I panel.

The measure, passed this week by the division's cabinet on academics, eligibility and compliance, will go to the Division I Management Council as an amendment to the NCAA bylaws later this fall.

It would prohibit a reduction or cancellation of athletic scholarships even if the injury or condition prevents the athlete from participating with the team.

The cabinet was asked to review the issue by the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics.

The cabinet also agreed to support a proposal to allow text messaging between coaches and prospective athletes who have already signed letters of intent.

The NCAA board of directors approved a ban of text messaging in April and last month sent the matter back to the membership for another vote at the association's annual convention in January. The rule, which went into effect Aug. 1, will remain in place at least until then.