Catching Up With Women's Hoops Freshman Guard Katie Meador

Meador was a four-time All-District Selection at Marble Falls High School in Texas

Katie Meador is one of three freshmen newcomers on the 49ers roster.

Sept. 8, 2008

Charlotte, NC - Katie Meador is a 5-10 freshman guard from Texas' Marble Falls High School. Meador was a four-time all-district selection. She earned first-team all-district honors the last three seasons. She has also earned all-district honors as a sprinter on the track team as a freshman and a sophomore. Meador was ranked among the Top 150 players in the nation. She is an Adidas Top Ten All-American camper. She is also ranked in the Top 25 players in Texas by Texas Hoops. She also played for the highly successful Lubbock Lady Hawks AAU team.

Meador recently sat down with the Charlotte 49ers athletic media relations office to talk about her how her freshman year is going so far.

So you have been here for a couple of months after spending part of your summer in Charlotte, what are your thoughts so far on Charlotte 49ers women's basketball?So far everything's been real exciting. Intense will be the key word for the year. Playing college basketball is hard work but it is also been fun.

Being from Texas, does it help having a couple of Texans involved with the program to make you feel a little more comfortable here? Traci Ray (senior guard from Cypress, Texas) and I joke about cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and big trucks. It is nice having Coach Karen Aston and assistant coach Angela Ortega here since they both came from schools in Texas. It makes being 20 hours away from home easier. Coming to Charlotte and being able to be a part of a family (the 49ers women's basketball team) is very nice comforting feeling for me.

Did you know of Traci Ray before coming to Charlotte? No, I wish I had met her before coming to Charlotte. But she lived in Houston and I lived in Austin.



Being from Texas is that how you became associated with Coach Karen Aston and Assistant Coach Angela Ortega?I've known Coach Aston since about the 7th grade. She was at the University of Texas which is in Austin for a long time. Angela was recruiting me at North Texas, so both of them were recruiting me for awhile.

Why did you choose Charlotte and the 49ers? I came here for my initial visit and I fell in love with the place. I fell in love with the campus. I fell in love with the team. The coaching staff is fun and it's nice having known them for a really long time.

Do you think traveling all over the country to play basketball will be different for you? It will be different just because in AAU we traveled quite a bit. However, this will be the first time I have traveled on the East Coast, most my team travel was in the central or western part of the United States. I'm excited about traveling to New York and around the East Coast.

What do you think of the city of Charlotte?Charlotte is a gorgeous city. Downtown reminds me of Austin a little bit. It's got the same architecture and it's real fun. It's has a nice homey feeling.

Now that you have been here a couple of months are there any surprises or things you didn't expect? No, I pretty much expected what has happened so far. It's been intense, it's been fun, but it definitely challenges you as a freshman. You are expected to do certain things and know certain things. If you don't know them you have to learn it real quick and be on your toes at all times.

Have you already noticed a difference between high school basketball and college basketball? There is a large difference from even AAU's to college basketball. It is exciting to have 6-foot-5 post player (senior center Danielle Burgin). I have never had that before. The speed of the game is different and that is probably the biggest thing for me is the speed of the play at the college level. The players are just so much faster than I'm used to and everything is more intense.

What do you think your role on the team will be?I will do whatever is expected of me by the coaching staff and the team. Honestly I don't know, but I hope it is a lot of things. I hope to be a team leader at some point that is goal of mine. However, right now, I'm just going to do what I'm told.

Describe your style of play for someone who has never seen you play?I'm a point guard so I am very vocal. I feel that I am a good shooter and have good range. But I'm also very good at passing the ball as well. I can see the floor real well and I like to push the ball and run. I like to attack the basket. I'm a big guard so I guess it's nice to have that height and see the court.

You mentioned Traci Ray and she been the 49ers starting point guard for the last two years, so it must be a really big help to you to have her in the program? I try to see how she does something and follow her example. Coach Aston tells me to watch how Traci does and do it that way.

How do you think the team is going to be this year?I think we are going to have a great year. I think as a team we have bonded so far, and we all get along with each other and that's the most important thing is for a team to get along. You can definitely tell the teams that get along and the teams that don't.

Your first Thanksgiving away from home, technically you won't be that far from home as the 49ers will play in a tournament at SMU in Dallas, Texas during Thanksgiving?I know its fun I'm excited I think my family will be in town. It will be fun because one of my teammates from Marble Falls plays for SMU, so it will be a little Marble Falls reunion.

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