Meyers Movie Picks Blog #3 - Dramatic Dynamite & UMass Hockey Goes Hollywood!

This week's pick's - Seven & Philadelphia

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Nov. 19, 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to another movie blog! I hope you had a chance to enjoy your Halloween watching some of the classics plastered all over television. Also, I hope you took Mr.Davis' advice seriously, bought some Bunch-A-Crunch, and watched the flicks I suggested.

This week I am getting back to basics and selecting two films from the drama genre. The premise this time around is to focus more on drama than comedy. The two movies I chose to recommend are also two of my favorites.

I am sure you have also noticed that every week I add input from teammates. This week is no different. I went around and asked some of my teammates if they were having a big budget biopic made about their lives who would they want cast as themselves. They also created what they would want their movie to be called.

I think you will enjoy all of the responses because I defiantly did. I hope you have the time to get out and rent these titles, which is much easier due to the unbelievable gas prices. Please do not forget to scroll down and check out the Big Bear Berry's movie quotes of the week. Enjoy!

This Week's Flicks - Nov. 19

1. Seven - Check It Out On
This movie was considered a breakout film for two very successful people in Hollywood. The director David Fincher brought us a film that didn't pull any punches and will keep the audience glued to the screen throughout the entire film. The premise of the film revolves around the relationship between two homicide detectives, Mills and Somerset (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) while chasing a chilling serial killer using the seven deadly sins in his murders. Morgan Freeman is possibly one of my favorite actors and is nothing short of spectacular in this one. The movie will have you guessing throughout and will be sure to draw out some emotion by the time its over. This 1995 crime thriller is an absolute classic and in my top ten favorites. Please watch and enjoy.



2. Philadelphia - Check It Out On
The film Philadelphia was more than just entertainment in the early 90's when released. It was a message to the public that a disease as deadly as AIDS doesn't mean a person who has it can't fight for his/her rights and live a full life. The movie also had two of today's biggest stars in Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. This is a film that I feel isn't as popular that it should be. It did earn the legendary Tom Hanks the first of his back-to-back Best Actor Oscar wins. The film is about a young lawyer with a tremendous amount of potential who was just promoted in his firm battling them in court over "wrongful dismissal. The company claims Andrew Beckett's (Tom Hanks) work was unsatisfactory, while Beckett claims it's due to him contracting the AIDS virus. After searching for a lawyer that would defend him in such a controversial case, he finally gets the help from an average defense attorney Joe Miller (Denzel Washington). Joe Miller find himself not just fighting for his client, but also fighting his personal beliefs of the dreadful disease. This is one of the best courtroom dramas ever made and will be sure to entertain you from the beautiful opening sequence, showing the great city of Philadelphia to the end credits.

Warning! Both movies are rated R so please buy the kids a new video game...I would suggest a hockey video game!

Speaking of the kids, I would like to recommend a few titles that I loved when I was younger:

The Sandlot, Mighty Duck 1+2 forget 3, The Lion King, The Little Giants

  • Chris Davis' Movie Snack of the Week: Butterfinger BB's

    UMass Hockey Biopics

  • Keanu Reeves is Brett Watson in " The Chronicles of the Milk Man"
  • Patrick Swayze is Justin Braun in " Roadhouse 2: I wait tables over the summer"
  • Rob Lowe is Chris Davis in " Speed Kills"
  • Shiah LeBeouf is Brian Keane in "The BK Lounge"
  • Brad Pitt is TJ Syner in " Fight Club 2"
  • Owen Wilson is Alex Berry in " Can't keep a good man down"
  • Christopher Walken is Dan Meyers in " Gotta have more cowbell, baby "
  • Ben Stiller is Martin Nolet in " Sous Les Couverturs"
  • Jack Nicholson is Matt Gedman in " One flew over the cuckoos nest (this is my life)"
  • Aston Kutcher is Mike Lecomte in " La vie savauge"
  • Robert DeNiro is Mike Marcou in "Ayo!"
  • Vince Vaughn is Doug Kublin in "The Dipper"
  • Joe Pesci is James Marcou "Short Stack"
  • Dennis Quaid is Scott Crowder in "Live Free or Die"
  • Fred Savage is Danny Hobbs in "Plan B"
  • Kevin Spacey is Josh Penn in "Awesomeness"
  • Paul Walker is Marc Concannon in "Hidden Secrets"
  • Nick Cannon is Sean Saunders in "The Rocket"
  • Mark Wahlberg is Casey Wellman in " Shooter 2 "
  • Will Ortiz is Will Ortiz in "Will Ortiz"
  • Will Smith is Paul Dainton in "Two Pads Stacked
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is David Boehm in "The Man In The Iron Cast"

    Alex "Big Bear" Berry's Movie quote of the week:
    Chazz: The night is a very dark time for me.
    Jimmy: It's dark for everyone, moron!
    Chazz: Not for Alaskans or dudes with night-vision goggles.
    -Will Ferrell And Jon Heder in "Blades of Glory"

    Thanks for reading! And thanks for supporting UMASS HOCKEY!

    See you at the rink! Dan Meyers

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