The Hobey Watch Panel has gone from picking players to picking teams.

With the NCAA tournament set to begin, the members of the Hobey Watch Panel have picked the teams that they feel will appear in the Frozen Four. Their selections are below.






Dave StarmanMaineBoston CollegeBoston UniversityNorth Dakota
Adam ZuckerSt. CloudBoston CollegeBoston UniversityMinnesota
Troy WardMaineBoston CollegeBoston UniversityNorth Dakota
Matt McConnellSt. CloudBoston CollegeNotre DameNorth Dakota
Elliot OlshanskyClarksonBoston CollegeBoston UniversityNorth Dakota
DJ PowersMaineBoston CollegeNotre DameNorth Dakota
Bob SnowMaineBoston CollegeBoston UniversityMinnesota
Adam WodonSt. Cloud StateBoston CollegeNotre DameMichigan
Ken SchottClarksonBoston CollegeNotre DameMinnesota
Neil KoepkeClarksonBoston CollegeNotre DameNorth Dakota
Todd D. MilewskiClarksonBoston CollegeNotre DameNorth Dakota
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