Ohio State's Reynolds on bench after Badger choke
By Melanie Watkins The Lantern

COLUMBUS, Ohio (U-WIRE) -- The Ohio State defense will be without a linebacker at Saturday's homecoming game.

Robert Reynolds will not line up against the No. 9 Iowa Hawkeyes because of a one-game suspension. Buckeye coach Jim Tressel announced the suspension Monday, just two days after Reynolds choked Wisconsin quarterback Jim Sorgi.

Reynolds issued an apology to Sorgi and Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez Sunday, saying the action was "not characteristic of Ohio State football."

"As a senior, I have the responsibility to set a better example," he said.

Tressel said he did not think the apology could stand alone, though.

"After getting a first-hand look at the tape and seeing what took place, I feel that the apology by itself is not enough," Tressel said. "Robert's conduct was totally unacceptable and has no place in intercollegiate athletics."

Reynolds is a senior and a second-year starter at the outside linebacker position. He does not have a history of unsportsmanlike conduct with the Buckeyes.

"Having known Rob for three years, I believe this is an isolated incident and out of character for him," Tressel said Sunday.

The Badgers were forced to put in second-string quarterback Matt Schabert following the neck grab. Sorgi told The Associated Press that he had difficulty talking and breathing and was unable to signal calls to other players. It is expected that Sorgi will play Saturday when the Badgers host Purdue. Alvarez, however, told The Associated Press someone else may make the signal calls this week in practice in order to rest Sorgi's voice.

Tressel said he informed Alvarez of the suspension.

"We apologize to Sorgi and the University of Wisconsin for this unfortunate incident," Tressel said. "I know that no one regrets it more than Reynolds."

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