Photo day gives snapshot of new Ohio State season
By Aaron Stollar The Lantern

COLUMBUS, Ohio (U-WIRE) -- Don't call it a controversy.

Wednesday was photo day at Ohio Stadium. It was a chance for the team to take its official team picture and a chance for families to get some shots of their sons in their uniforms. But there was no talk of controversy among two quarterback protagonists who are getting the bulk of the preseason attention so far.

The ongoing competition for the quarterback position on the Ohio State football team has kicked off as redshirt sophomores Justin Zwick and Troy Smith battle to inherit the starting role from Craig Krenzel.

But the two of them say they both are good friends and are just trying to do their best.

"I feel good about the [competition]. Troy and I both have an opportunity to come out here and make ourselves better and make our team better," Zwick said. "We're pushing each other every day, and that's just going to make everybody better in the end."

Smith maintains that the position is wide open but tries not to think about the competition too much.

"Of course you think about it, that's just ... being human," Smith said. "When you start thinking about it too much, you start taking your mind off the task at hand, and that's helping this team the best it can be."

Tressel has not said much on the subject since the Spring Game, when he hinted the job was Zwick's at that point.

Zwick was one of OSU's most-hyped recent recruits. He came from football powerhouse Massillon Washington High School and was named to every single All-American team after his senior year.

Smith arrived in Columbus, Ohio, from another powerhouse at Cleveland Glenville. Smith is traditionally seen to be the more mobile of the two. He saw time last season both at quarterback but predominantly on kick returns.

Other news out of the day included the fact that John Kerr and Andre Tyree were not put on the roster for undisclosed reasons. Kerr and Tyree will not be added to the roster until after the first game -- Tressel promised that they both would be on the roster in the end.

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