Penn State football making important changes
By Josh Moyer Daily Collegian

July 21, 2006

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA (CSTV U-WIRE) -- Plenty of changes are in store for the Penn State football experience, Director of Brand Communications Guido D'Elia said.

From music to land markers to food on Football Eve, fans should appreciate many of the new additions for the upcoming season.

Citizens of Paternoville should especially be pleased with the construction of land markers around the stadium -- the oval-shaped, stylized Lions heads will commemorate the birth of Happy Valley traditions. Included in the markers are Players' Bus Arrival, Paternoville, and Home of the Original Whiteout.

D'Elia said this year's Whiteout would probably take place against Big Ten rival Michigan. And while there's no surprise there, some fans may be interested to know that a stadium-wide Whiteout could be just a year away.

According to D'Elia, it's difficult to get every Penn State supporter to wear white during winter months because "there isn't many white parkas people wear."

But September games are another story -- and, next year, Penn State just happens to play Notre Dame early in the season.

But students won't have to wait 14 months to see what D'Elia and company have in store for Football Eve.

"First of all, we're going to introduce food at Eve," D'Elia said. "So Clem's BBQ is going to be there, set up in the grass from across the BJC -- oh man, wait 'till you sink your teeth into that."

Curtin Road will also be closed, in part, because larger numbers are expected from last year. The minor league baseball team, the State College Spikes, will be playing a game at 4 p.m. while freshmen will be inside the BJC until 7:30 p.m. -- activities inside Beaver Stadium start at 7:45 p.m.

"The Spikes are going to open their gates at 6 p.m. to let people in so they can get a taste of what that's like in there and go in and buy food if they want to, go in and sit around if they want to," D'Elia said. "And those fans are expected to come over because they'll be out at 7 p.m. -- hopefully they come over and join in on Eve."


D'Elia also said there will probably be a band outside the Bryce Jordan Center --most likely an oldies' cover band.

As far as music inside the stadium, D'Elia said there were no plans to scrap "Zombie Nation," even with the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" tune getting some hype. According to D'Elia, they'll play around with the "Seven Nation Army" and see how students react to it -- but there's no commitment to playing it the entire season.

"Zombie has its place always in what we're doing because everyone has adopted it as such. It's a nice, good, clear beat that's kinda driving and pulsating," he said. "So that's appropriate. I think we'll give it a try in certain defensive situations.

"The band's already learned it, so they're ready to do it, too."

(C) 2006 Daily Collegian via CSTV U-WIRE

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