Rebels think ball on break
By Steve Newbold Daily Mississippian

July 17, 2006

University, MS (CSTV U-WIRE) -- With two-a-days just a couple weeks away, July is the most down-time Ole Miss football players will have for about six months.

Standout linebacker Patrick Willis is using this time to get in peak condition and heal to prepare his foot for the grind of the upcoming football season.

Willis' day begins before the sun even comes up.

"I don't really see it as a down-time," Willis said. "I wake up every morning at five and then lift and go running at six.

"And then go to some classes. Then go rehab, then watch films, then it's night time again. Just doing a little bit of everything, whether it's class or film or just chillin' with the boys in the game room."

Brent Schaeffer is spending July trying to finish up classes so that he can join his teammates in workouts.

Until then, Seth Adams has been using his time meeting with teammates and working on plays in the event he is thrown into SEC action. He meets up with some of his teammates to just go over plays.

"We get together twice a week with the receivers," Adams said. "We do that voluntary just to get some work with the receivers."

Adams said the team stays in shape with conditioning drills as well.

"Well, we're working out five days a week running, then we have two days of just running and agility circuits," Adams said.

Sophomore linebacker Antonio Turner kills time with another sport.

"I like to play a lot of basketball," Turner said. "Just shoot some hoops."

For defensive end Lamark Amour, July is a good time to get to know some of the incoming players.

"We'll probably just hang out with each other, hang out at each other's houses," Amour said.

"Get to know some of the freshman. Go chill with them at the dorms in order to get to know them better, make them feel like they are at home."


Amour has high hopes for the incoming class.

"That's a nice recruiting class," Amour said. "Hopefully they can bring it in to two-a-days and hopefully they can help the team out."

One of the highly touted freshman Amour has gotten to know is 6-foot-3-inch, 350-pound Jerrell Powe.

Willis looks forward to having the big body in front him to free him up from blockers.

"He's big just like he was before, he's gonna contribute for us," Willis said.

"He's Jerrell Powe I mean, we're looking for big things out of him from the type of player he's been and is and is working toward being now. It's gonna be a fun time just working with him and seeing him as a freshmen, seeing what he can do."

The Rebels begin the season with a 3:30 p.m. nationally-televised start on Sept. 3 against the University of Memphis inside Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium.

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