INTERVIEW: Interview with defensive end, Zach Potter

By Spencer Schubert Daily Nebraskan

April 18, 2008

Lincoln, NE (UWIRE) -- Zach Potter is a senior defensive end for the Nebraska football team. The 6-foot-7 Omaha native started in 11 of the Huskers' 12 games last season, collecting 26 tackles and 2.5 sacks, the second highest total on the squad.

What will you miss least about spring football?

The 6:30 a.m. meetings. The hours of sleep, we aren't getting much right now. We just have to keep bouncing, though.

What was one of the big differences between spring football this year and last?

I didn't have to answer questions about filling (former NU defensive end) Adam Carriker's shoes. It's better to know that the spot is more solidified even though it's not because we're in spring ball. But having that confidence can do nothing but help.

Defensive intensity last year seemed non-existent. Is it back?

I think it's definitely going to go up. The pressure packages are really going to help. We always have a guy in every hole and the defensive line is really focusing on our pass rushes. The more we work on it, the better we are going to be at it.

You like when a coach yells at you?

Practice is a lot more fun and coaches are jumping around hootin' and hollerin' and getting excited. They are always yelling, but it's always for a purpose. We like that a lot so far.

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