Former Virginia Tech football player charged with stalking
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Blacksburg, VA (U-WIRE) -- Virginia Tech football player Maurice Reevey was arrested on the charge of stalking by the Virginia Tech Police Department on Dec. 8, 2004.

The 6-foot-4-inch freshman will appear in court on Feb. 17. Lieutenant Wendell Flinchum of the Tech police department was able to confirm the arrest.

The victim's name is being held due to the nature of the crime, and details surrounding the incident were not available by press time. The football coaching staff could not be reached for comment, but some of Reevey's teammates said the staff has been tightlipped concerning the situation.

"I know something happened with an R.A., but I don't know any details," said freshman quarterback Sean Glennon, a member of the recruiting class that included Reevey. "The coaches have not talked about it; I didn't even know he was arrested."

Reevey was a highly-touted high school prospect when he decided to join the team after spending a year at Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, VA. He was projected to play a number of positions including linebacker, defensive end and tight end.

Before attending Fork Union, Reevey attended Highland Springs near Richmond. Other members of Tech's football team from Highland Springs include Nolan Burchette and Jim Davis.

Reevey has not rejoined the team for spring football as of yet and his academic standing with the university has not been confirmed.

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