LSU Hater I Am Not

Ohio State will beat Tigers, but not because Trev hates Les Miles' crew

Dec. 26, 2007

By Trev Alberts

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Trev why do you hate LSU? You can't say you don't either, going back to 03 I can't remember 1 time you picked LSU in a meaningful game. You picked UGA over LSU in the SECCG game in 03 that was a dumb pick. More recently you picked Auburn over LSU this year and Ohio State over LSU. There were many others but those stick out. You try to be as professional and unbiased but it doesn't fool anyone you hate LSU. Admit it. - Dale Grey




Dale, that's really an interesting take because if you would ask the Ohio State fans they would tell you I hate the Buckeyes.  


But this is what makes our sport so great that people are passionate and fanatical about their teams. But you have to be able to delineate between picking a team to win and corresponding that with me hating that team. Just because I picked Ohio State to beat LSU does not mean I hate LSU and Les Miles and the state of Louisiana. It has nothing to do with hate. It's trying to be objective and picking a team you think is going to win.


As you point out, my ability to do that previously was not very good. I failed in those picks. That doesn't mean I have a disdain for LSU. I have a great admiration for the university, the players, the coaching staff. Once again, after looking at the game, I think Ohio State is going to win for a number of reasons for which I've laid out and if you check back to Bowl Central in the coming weeks you'll see why.


I have nothing personal against LSU; I just don't think they'll beat Ohio State. And Dale, I would appreciate it if you would email me immediately if LSU beats Ohio State and I'll be the first to admit I was wrong once again.


Trev I see you picked Ohio State to beat LSU. I disagree! How much home-field advantage do you think LSU will have and what type of role will it play? - Hanley, Los Angeles


It's a good point. I think home field in ordinary circumstance is huge, but I think in bowl games, and especially national championship games, that home field is really lessened. Although you'll have fans of both teams there, remember this is the BCS Championship game. It's not at the level of a Super Bowl, but it does have a corporate feel to it. You have a lot of tickets sold to corporations and a lot of business and entreating taking place.


Ohio State fans are going to travel and there are plenty of tickets. Now if the LSU fans are so rabid that they're going to pay Ohio State fans five times face value or Buckeyes fans decide to stay home that'll be one thing. I don't think that will happen. I think it will be a neutral site played near LSU, but home field advantage either way is not going to be a factor.

You could point to the weather if that was a factor as potentially giving one team an advantage who was used to say the cold, or extreme heat. But these big games are played in an environment that on the surface at least, doesn't give a competitive advantage to either team. No one is going to have a competitive advantage because of fans or location.  


What is the ideal coaching candidate? NFL experience? up and coming assistant coach? What kind of coach would you hire? - Hank, Oregon 


Great question. I think what it comes down to is the unique situation that a current university finds itself in. The needs at Nebraska, for example, are different than the needs at Texas or USC.


I think it's completely unfair to use a broad brush and say that because one NFL assistant was successful all NFL assistants will be successful. Same thing for college coordinators.


For instance, Nebraska had a unique need in its coaching search. The offense wasn't an issue. They were a top 10 offense under Bill Callahan. But defensively they were atrocious. So it made sense for the timing to have somebody with a heavy defensive background that could help make a difference. Whatever the situation would be at school XYZ, and say they're having difficultly attracting any kind of talent and have an excellent coaching staff, but just can't get the recruits to go there - maybe they don't have an established history, not a lot of exposure, play in a tough part of the country - it would then make sense to go get a guy from the NFL who has a few championship rings to come in and bring some instant credibility.


There are so many former coordinators who have been superstars as coaches and there have been an equal number who have been abject failures. Some position coaches will always be position coaches. Just because you have an ability to coordinate an offense or defense doesn't mean you can automatically be a head coach.


I'm a proven track record kind of guy. I would prefer coach who fits with the personality of the team. But first and foremost you better be a man of character. You can't change that. You either have it or you don't. And if you're leading young men you better be a man of character.