Michigan Coaching Search A Mess

Wolverines on an island now

Dec. 8, 2007

By Brian Curtis

Senior Editor, CSTV



Brian Curtis is a CSTV football and basketball analyst and a regular CSTV.com writer.
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By now you may know what a mess that University of Michigan coaching search has become.  Ferentz?  Miles? Schiano?  Others we're not talking about it.  Here is what I am told:


·          The search is being conducted by athletic director Bill Martin with assistance from former Wolverine player and now Victor Club development manager Jamie Morris.  Morris is doing a lot of the work and contacts.




·          There is a search committee that includes Martin, Morris, some prominent boosters and administrators.  They did not meet today, Saturday, but will reconvene on Sunday.  Their meetings have been sporadic, and at times, some members have failed to have been notified of meetings.


·          The initial candidate target list compiled by Martin and Morris included: Tony Dungy, Marvin Lewis, Sean Payton, Les Miles, Mike Debord and Ron English.


·          There are huge factions within Michigan, with some boosters and administrators favoring Miles.  However, some "information" that was not favorable on Miles came to light that provoked University President Mary Sue Coleman to say no to Miles, despite ongoing efforts.  According to a source, Martin warmed to Miles and wanted to force the school president to say "No" publicly, so it wouldn't be on him.  (Also, Martin is offering under market value.)


·          When the Miles efforts fell through, Martin and Morris turned their attention to Greg Schiano, meeting with him for seven hours earlier this week.  During that meeting, Martin wanted to hammer out a tentative deal on parameters--it was an interview and negotiation.  Martin believed Schiano would come.  It didn't happen.


·          So from the original wanted list, the NFL coaches were not interested, Miles was out and Debord and English were merely back-up plans.  So where does Michigan turn now?  They are considering Brady Hoke from Ball State but surely the list will expand.


·          Many at Michigan are unhappy at Martin and the way the search has been conducted, and, according to a source, he is "on an island" now and his job may actually be in jeopardy in the near future.



On Others


·          Steve Mariucci is having second thoughts about returning to college coaching, despite mutual interest in jobs, including UCLA.


·          Washington State conducted interviews in Utah the past few days, including John L Smith.


·          There is much truth to the report that Duke and Karl Dorrell have a mutual interest; David Cutcliffe has also spoken with Duke.