Reggie Bush Quote Sheet

Dec. 8, 2005

Compiled by Staff


"Any time he touches the ball he's a threat to score from anywhere on the football field. Having him and LenDale (White) back there to hand the ball off to is great and Reggie is an excellent receiver out of the backfield or wherever he lines up and he opens things up for other guys too. So he obviously takes a lot off me and he's awesome." - USC QB Matt Leinart


Some of the problems surrounding Reggie Bush is that they put him everywhere. You can't focus in on where he is. They put him at receiver, they put him in the backfield, they motion him out of the backfield, they line him up there and bring him out of the backfield. He's in a lot of different places. They can create some match-up issues for you, if they get him in the right spot. If they get him on a linebacker, he can do some damage. You try to stay out of very many one-on-one situations with him, the best you can. He is so talented that any one-on-one situation, he is going to win. You have to pay attention to where he is. He's the best player we've faced.''  -- Cal coach Jeff Tedford


"Reggie's phenomenal. He's everybody's MVP around here because he just does things that shock you everyday at practice and every game we play.''  --  USC coach Pete Carroll


"The game I remember was when Gale Sayers played against the 49ers (in 1965), he scored six touchdowns. That was way back when.  I've always thought that was the kind of guy Reggie is like."   --  USC coach Pete Carroll


"He's probably the fastest guy who's ever played at a running back position. Gale Sayers was very fast. O.J. was very fast. This kid (LaDainian) Tomlinson in San Diego is very fast. I think Reggie's faster than all of them.  I believe that he'll get even better in the pros. Fundamentally, he'll get better. He's very special. Every time he touches the ball, you know he can go all the way. I think he's a fine back, and just as important, he's a good individual."  -- USC AD and former Heisman Trophy winner Mike Garrett


"He is a great player. He really works hard which is what I like about him a lot. He doesn't have a big head, he is very humble. He works hard every day so there is definitely something that is very special about him."  --  Former USC DE Shaun Cody



"(Bush) is fantastic. He's probably the closest thing you'll see to Barry Sanders in this lifetime. He can make you miss in a phone booth."  --  Arizona coach Mike Stoops


"I think Reggie Bush is one of those players who comes around every so often. I think he's off the charts. He could probably start at five different positions. I remember when we were trying to recruit him out of high school. I've never seen a guy like him. Every time he touched the ball he scored."  -- Arizona State coach Dirk Koetter



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Reggie Bush has been invited to New York as the Heisman Trophy frontrunner