Don't Count Out Missouri

Tigers getting little respect heading into Big 12 title game

College Football Preview: Week 14

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Nov. 29, 2007

By Tom Hart

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The nutty season of Gary Pinkel's Missouri Tigers continues Saturday night in the Alamodome.  Is it just me, or does Chase Daniel look like a bartender slinging quarter draws?  Barkeep, another tray for San Antonio, please.


However, if the Tigers think they are being disrespected by the line makers in Las Vegas, they only have Missouri's history to thank.  The fact is, recent history HAS been an indicator of future success for the Sooners against the Tigers.  And remember, it's not the media that sets those lines.  It's essentially the betting public, and the peeps putting down green think Boomer Sooner will ring often.




I'm not so sure.  Oklahoma State and Zac Robinson used a balanced attack to keep OU off kilter throughout the first half last week.  Option, play action, and deep balls.  Sounds like what Mizzou does pretty well.


Speaking of crazy, what is going on in Hattiesburg?  Jeff Bower has led a clean, winning program at Southern Miss for all of his 17 years as the head man.  His claim to fame is helping a young defensive back named Brett Favre transition to Hall of Fame quarterback, but his biggest accomplishment was winning in Hattiesburg.


Bower found a way to locate the great athletes that fell through the cracks at Alabama, Auburn and every else in the Southeast.  Then he put winning teams on the field, despite recruiting out of trailers as recently as just a few years ago.  The word out of M.M. Roberts is that the overthrow was orchestrated by anxious boosters.  Smart move.  You just boosted the class of Conference USA out the door - and likely to a better job.


I like Tennessee in the SEC title game.  Not because I think the Vols are a better team than LSU, but because the Tigers will have to summon extra juice for the ultimate bounce back game.  Just a few days ago they thought this game would be for a spot in the BCS title game.  Now the best they can do is make it back to their home state - for the Sugar Bowl.  The Vols under Phil Fulmer are at their best when the least is expected of them.  Saturday night will be another example.


Congrats to Baylor in landing Art Briles.  It will take something different to win in Waco, and with all due respect to West Texas A&M, a D-II offense wasn't getting it done.  Briles doesn't work with playbooks, but he does work with great quarterbacks.  Recruiting is job No. 1 for Briles.


Here's my poll for this week.  No. 1 was a no-brainer for me.  West Virginia's win was impressive, but the scene in Arrowhead was amazing.  The Tigers won a playoff game in the Kansas City cold.  It's a shame Georgia was blown out in Knoxville.  The Bulldogs are playing as well as anyone at this time.  Before Mark Richt was reinvented this was a pedestrian team.  It's likely too little too late.


1.       Missouri

2.       West Virginia

3.       Georgia

4.       Ohio State

5.       LSU

6.       Virginia Tech

7.       Oklahoma

8.       Kansas

9.       USC

10.    Hawaii

11.    Boston College

12.    Arizona State

13.    Tennessee

14.    Florida

15.    Virginia

16.    Clemson

17.    Cincinnati

18.    BYU

19.    Illinois

20.    Oregon

21.    Texas

22.    Boise State

23.    UConn

24.    Wisconsin

25.    USF