What A Hoot

Wacky regular season comes to end

Nov. 28, 2007

College Football Preview: Week 14

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By Brian Jones

Special to CSTV.com



Brian Jones is a football analyst for CSTV and CSTV.com.
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The wacky world of college football 2007-style continues, much to the delight of fans everywhere. It was wild and entertaining again this past weekend on the college football landscape. One would surmise that one should not be surprised at this point by upsets and other odd occurrences on the college gridiron. Let's keep it real, this season has had us all in a state of phantasmagoria. (I have Wilson Baldwin way back in the 10th grade to thank for that term.)


Let's start at the top, where no one gave Arkansas a snowball's chance in hell to defeat the No. 1 LSU Tigers...in the No. 1 team's backyard...in front of arguably the most deafening crowd in all of college football. Well R-Kansas, as Les Miles likes to pronounce Arkansas, had plans for "less smiles" in the Bayou! And how about Houston Nutt's celebration, first promoting my main man running back Darren "McFooten" McFadden for the Heisman and subsequently resigning from his "dream job." I think it's safe to say his dream job became a freakin' nightmare over the past few seasons.




Speaking of nightmares, for the second consecutive year, my Longhorns were upended by them damn Texas A&M Aggies. Somehow, one of the worst passing offenses in Division I-A amassed over 360 passing yards. It's a C.O.N.-spiracy I tell you! And their head coach, Dennis Franchione, resigned after the game as well. Reports have it that he got $3 million to leave. If they really, really want to get rid of your ass you'll get over $160 million like that cat at Merrill Lynch. Nonetheless, what's this win the rivalry game and then resign trend? I thought it was win and you're in, not win and it's the END!


Down in The Swamp, we had Florida and Florida State without the much ballyhoo that the game has deserved in the past. Georgia and Georgia Tech didn't draw any interest outside of the Peachtree State. Did you know South Carolina actually produces more peaches than Georgia? Georgia Tech's head man Chan Gailey found a pink slip in his peach. Kentucky and Tennessee played forever. I had four helpings of Thanksgiving leftovers during that game. That's right, fo' - I have a weight problem. I can't wait to eat.


Speaking of grubbing, nod if like me, you wonder how in the hell Kansas head coach Mark Mangino motivates his players to workout. I digress. The much-hyped game between the Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers lived up to its billing. You had explosive plays, turnovers, big hits - a thoroughly entertaining contest. The atmosphere in the stands was just as impressive, that joint was loud!


In conclusion, let me say thanks to all that have participated in such a wild and crazy college football season thus far! There's still some football left as the crystal football ownership remains in flux. You can rest assured there's more wackiness on the horizon. Why stop now?