Black Saturday

With Callahan out at Nebraska, many others will follow

Nov. 24, 2007

By Brian Curtis

CSTV Senior Editor



Brian Curtis is a CSTV football and basketball analyst and a regular writer.
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And you thought today was all about football.  No, today is all about goings and projecting comings.  Some news and notes from the coaching carousel:


Nebraska- It is no surprise that Tom Osborne fired Bill Callahan and his staff this morning, despite the $3.1 million buyout.  It's also not surprising that Osborne said that coaching candidates may have already been contacted but not by him, but by those in the inner circle.  That's a little disingenuous if you ask me.  Having your assistants make calls is the same as you making the calls.  It was reported that LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini was contacted this morning.  Sources tell me that Pelini would almost certainly take the job if offered.  This search will be quicker than most others.  According to a source, Turner Gill, former Cornhusker great and current Buffalo coach, is a long shot for the job but will get an interview.




Ole Miss- You know when money talks?  Well, it talked this morning in Oxford, Miss.  Ed Orgeron has been fired after going 0-8 in the SEC this season.  Earlier this year on Crystal Ball, I reported that Orgeron was on his way out.  Then University Chancellor Robert Khayat stated that the coach wouldn't be let go because of wins or losses and would be back in 2008.  So what happened?  Clearly, the big money boosters overruled Khayat.  The Rebel job is attractive and solid recruiting classes will make the transition easier.  Who might be headed to Oxford?  Keep an eye on Terry Bowden or Dennis Green.  Talked to another Ole Miss source and Orgeron is not being kind to boosters since they killed him in the end. He just didn't have enough in his corner because he alienated them.


Rick Neuheisel may also be leading candidate for the job. Neuheisel, the former Washington and Colorado coach, and current Baltimore Raven offensive coordinator, was actually passed over by Ole Miss in 2004.


Colorado State- Colorado State's Sonny Lubick will not be back at CSU next season. Call it what you will, but a new man will be coaching on Sonny Lubick Field. Lubick wants to continue coaching but apparently pressure from athletic director Paul Kowalczyk is forcing him out.  Wouldn't it be great if a big time school hired the 70 year-old to run the defense?  CSU used to be a great job but they are behind in the facilities race so don't expect too many big names to be in the running. 


According to a source familiar with the situation, Colorado State is forcing Lubick out. He is not retiring nor does he want to leave. Lubick's agent is talking to Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk and the school is trying to appease Lubick for the way things were handled. Prominent boosters and alums have called President Larry Penley and threatened to withhold donations and boosters were set to meet in Fort Collins Sunday evening. Penley, not Kowalczyk, is making the decision. It is unlikely, even if offered after a change of heart, that Lubick would return to CSU.  


At this time, the 70 year-old Lubick does not plan to coach anywhere next season.


Arkansas- Last week, I, along with others, reported that Houston Nutt was on his way out at Arkansas.  Of course, that was before the big upset yesterday of top-ranked LSU. So what does new athletic director Jeff Long do now? If Long does follow through on the dismissal, who would be Nutt's replacement?  It won't be Butch Davis and unlikely to be Will Muschamp or Bo Pelini.


Syracuse- A source tells me Greg Robinson survives another year.


UCLA- Two games remaining, Karl Dorrell on way out.  Steve Mariucci is what I am hearing, not Boise State's Chris Petersen.


Duke- Sources tell me Ted Roof at Duke is done, with an announcement coming on Monday.


More to come.