LSU Loss A Microcosm Of The Season

Epic game leaves Tigers with second loss and out of the BCS title game

Nov. 23, 2007

College Football Recap: Week 13

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By Trev Alberts

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What we saw with LSU-Arkansas was a microcosm of the entire season. What a fitting way for that game to kind of represent 2007. It's been a really crazy year, but exciting and fun.


But watching, I felt really great for Arkansas and I have to tell you, I'm kind of conflicted. First of all, I'm completely in awe of Darren McFadden for his abilities. Peyton Hillis and Felix Jones, same thing. At the same time, I'm kind of wondering about LSU's defense. The last couple of weeks they've shown some chinks in the armor and I'm trying to balance those two facets out.


But bottom line, it was an epic game.




I got the sense that Jeff Long, the new A.D. at Arkansas, wanted to make a coaching change, but there's going to be some Arkansas people upset if he makes that kind of decision after that effort the Razorbacks just showed.


It was one of those games where I think both of the teams kind of knew what the other was going to do and it was just a matter of wills. McFadden and the offensive line willed their way to 384 yards rushing. That's an astounding number against that defense. I still think LSU has a good defense, rather than saying that LSU had some defensive letdowns. I think the Tigers played their tails off, but Arkansas rose up on the road and willed itself to victory with McFadden in the Wildcat Formation.


The one thing that came up to bite LSU earlier in the game was Matt Flynn's inability to connect on his passes. I don't think he was the reason they lost, but that's football in the SEC. It's absolute craziness. Now LSU has to find a way to regroup, find a way to motivate itself for the SEC Championship game. 


My initial reaction to LSU losing was not of surprise. I won't be surprised if Kentucky beats Tennessee Saturday, but I'm absolutely stunned that the winner of the Kansas-Missouri game is going to be No. 1 in the BCS.


The team you have to say is sitting in the best position right now is Ohio State. They're done playing. People are going to beat each other, and of course West Virginia has some work to do, but it might be best to have your season over with at this point.  


The other thought that crept into my head is that if indeed Les Miles is the guy for Michigan, it's sure going to make the transition a whole lot easier. I'm not trying to imply that he's happy they lost; I'm just saying if that's truly what's going to happen, that marriage becomes a lot less messy at this point.


Now, the final thing I take away from this game: how are the voters going to decide on a Heisman Trophy winner? So many times guys have these signature performances at the end of the season, but I can make an easy case for McFadden and an easy case for Tim Tebow. The two of them really deserve to get part of that trophy.