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Nov. 21, 2007

By Trev Alberts

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What is your opinion of the West Coast offense??  Can it run in the big 12 as he says..... and what are the chances of getting a coach who knows what a blackshirt means?? - Douglas Anderson


I think the West Coast Offense can work. There are a lot of programs that are using the West Coast Offense, or at least variations of it.  I think a good coach is able to look at his team and figure out what they're unique skill sets are in terms of picking up certain parts of the West Coast Offense.




People make this big deal about the West Coast Offense and its difficulty. Well, there's all kinds of places using it in some shape or form. It's a quick, short passing game. People need to stop being awed and overwhelmed by coaches who coach the West Coast Offense. Nobody has had the success in the West Coast Offense like Bill Walsh had. He was the architect. Everyone has put their own stamp on it, but it's still about a quick, short passing game, getting rid of the ball quickly, and it was a reaction to defensive speed increasing.


It really comes down to the ability for a coach to connect with his players and you can make the argument that maybe Bill Callahan didn't connect real well.


As for the Blackshirts, the only way you can do that is if you get a coach who used to coach the Blackshirts. But that being said, I think it has to be somebody who understand the importance of it. This current coaching staff learned about the importance of the Blackshirts only recently, but you I don't necessarily think you have to have been a former Blackshirt, you just have to be willing to open yourself to the importance of it and understand what it means to put that one and go from there.


Being that LSU has one loss and Kansas has zero and LSU is ranked ahead of kansas, are we seeing the effect of Florida's win over Ohio State last year? Are 1 loss SEC teams always going to get this type of respect as a result of the Gators? - Peter Greene, Rhode Island


Certainly that could be a small factor that influences the decision a little bit, but I don't think LSU is ranked ahead of Kansas because what Florida did to Ohio State. It comes to down to the fact Kansas has beaten zero teams that are currently ranked. Their best win on the season is against Texas A&M. That being said they have a great opportunity this weekend against Missouri and I think you will see if Kansas dominates the Tigers and then dominates whoever they play from the Big 12 South, don't worry about it. They're going to be in the championship game and there might even be a chance you pass LSU. The human polls love an undefeated team.


Kansas controls its own destiny. But if you're a Kansas fan, don't get greedy now. Be appreciative of the fact that you're in the position you are right now with the schedule you've played.


Do you see any of these draft-eligible quarterbacks being a future NFL star? Woodson? Ryan? Brennan? I'm just not convinced at all? - Kevin J., Arizona


That's an interesting question. There are always transferable tangible and intangible data you can take from high school to college to the NFL. But it isn't a guarantee. If it was that simple, Ryan Leaf wouldn't have been the second pick in the NFL Draft. Or I would have never been the fifth pick in the NFL Draft.


Because of the way offenses are set up now because of the defensive speed, it's all about getting rid of the ball quickly and it really comes down to which quarterbacks can make quick decisions. Intelligence is certainly at a premium. It's not all about arm strength anymore. Would it be great if you could throw the ball 60 yards on every play? Sure. But if you throw the slant perfectly, you're fine.


I think Andre' Woodson translates really well. Matt Ryan does, too. But I think Woodson translates a little bit better. He's so poised. One of the great attributes of Tom Brady is that he's never rattled. And Andre' Woodson never seems to get rattled.