Love And Hate

As years go on and feelings haven't changed

College Football Preview: Week 13

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Nov. 20, 2007

By Brian Jones

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Last week was the commencing of the college football rivalry season. All eyes were focused on the big one at the big house in Ann Arbor. Damn Big Blue, Ohio State is yo' daddy; four inches Pyle! That's a Full Metal Jacket reference for all you youngsters out there. I meant to say four straight losses. Then there was Northwestern and Illinois. They play for the "Sweet Sioux Tomahawk". Seek your doctor within 72 hours prior to the game just so you can get up for this one. Seriously, is this really a legitimate rivalry? No offense to my man Big Smooth from our research department, he attended the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. You had Indiana-Purdue, then Minnesota-Wisconsin fought it out for the Paul Bunyan Axe. Didn't Michigan and Michigan State play for that a few weeks back? Legend has it that Paul Bunyan was a larger than life man, so I guess his axe was too; big enough for two rivalry games. This week, rivalry week continues so it's the perfect time to talk about love and hate.




I love the Texas Longhorns and I hate the Texas A&M Aggies! This Friday the Horns and Aggies get together for the 114th time. I love the color burnt orange! Have you noticed that during sunrise and sunset the horizon is burnt orange? Confucius says the reason is because God is a Longhorn fan. I hate the color maroon. Ironically, I use to love that color; my high schools colors were maroon and white. I absolutely love Bevo! He's massive, muscular and an imposing physical specimen, I hate that wimpy Reveille, that little collie A&M has for a mascot. She's a tiny, forever yapping rat with long hair; all bark no bite. Plus, my mom used to have three collies. I would kick `em because they were a constant reminder of A&M. Be cool dog lovers, I'm no Michael Vick, I wouldn't kick `em hard.


I love the fact that it only takes us 11 to beat them. I bet the Aggies hate that they need 12 to defeat us. You know that whole 12th man thing?


Alright, seriously this is a great rivalry! The atmosphere this Friday in College Station will be electric to say the least. Still to this day, Kyle Field is the loudest stadium, college or pro that I've ever played in. You know going in that it will be a hard hitting affair. Trust me you'll be sore as hell afterwards, but if you win the Thanksgiving leftovers go down much, much easier.


Now, in case you weren't paying attention or your ears flapped; let me reiterate; I love the Texas Longhorns, I hate the Texas A&M Aggies...Hook `Em, by God!