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Wyoming's Glenn stirs up Utah-Wyoming game

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Nov. 14, 2007

By Tom Hart

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Tom Hart calls football play-by-play for CSTV and is a contributor to
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Last week in Salt Lake City, our CSTV cameras caught Wyoming coach Joe Glenn giving the one finger salute to Kyle Whittingham and the Utah sideline. Glenn took umbrage when Whittingham ordered an onside kick up 43-0 midway through the third quarter.


The fallout: both sides apologized for being too emotionally involved. I have no problem with that. But Whittingham got his ire up after Glenn told a group of students Wyoming would win the game. Read that last sentence again. A group of students. Not a reporter, not the team, not a public pep rally, not a television camera. A bunch of kids sitting in the cafeteria with the head coach talking football. What did you expect him to say?  "Hey kids, be sure to watch the game this weekend. We're two touchdown dogs, but should be able to hang with `em for awhile."




Critics said Glenn's gesture was crude. Please. If you thought that was crude, watch an episode of Two and a Half Men and get back to me. 


Glenn's response was entirely appropriate. 


Missouri announced this weekend they will begin touting Chase Daniel for the Heisman.  They'll start with a grass roots campaign and email every voter. They'll consider launching a website for their record setting quarterback if he continues to play well. Go ahead and spend the money on a campaign. If Missouri wants a chance at playing for the BCS title, they need wins and votes. Any national attention Daniel can get as an individual will help the team. It will bring more eyeballs to the Tigers final few games, and increase the chance that Harris Poll voters could move Mizzou up in their polls. And if the Heisman campaign doesn't pay off this year, then the Chase for Chase can get a head start on '08.


My AP Poll

Thanks to the success of Kansas and Missouri, Oklahoma has been able to slide under the radar.  The Sooners have a great opportunity to impress pollsters and computers with a win over a Top 4 opponent in the Big 12 championship game.


Watch out for Georgia. This is the team no one wants to play right now. If the Vols win out, Georgia will miss out on the SEC title game but could find themselves in the Sugar Bowl - while UT could fall all the way to the Chik-fil-A Bowl with a loss to LSU in Atlanta. Since that loss to Tennessee, and subsequent last second win against Vanderbilt, Mark Richt has reinvented his team and his coaching style.


What if Michigan had beaten Appalachian State?  Would the Big Ten's image taken such a hard hit?  Would all of those Big Ten in-conference losses look different now, based on one out of conference game?


Poor, poor West Virginia.  That early season loss to USF used to look a lot better.


1.       LSU

2.       Oregon

3.       Oklahoma

4.       Missouri

5.       Kansas

6.       Georgia

7.       West Virginia

8.       Ohio State

9.       Arizona State

10.    Virginia Tech

11.    Hawai'i

12.    Boise State

13.    Virginia

14.    Texas

15.    USC

16.    Florida

17.    Boston College

18.    Tennessee

19.    Cincinnati

20.    Clemson

21.    Kentucky

22.    Auburn

23.    UConn

24.    Michigan

25.    Illinois