Appalachian State Loss An Afterthought

After embarrassing loss, Michigan making people forget upset


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Oct. 31, 2007

By Trev Alberts

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How much of an affect do you think not having Perrilloux will have on LSU against Alabama? Is it really going to make a big difference since the Alabama defense hasn't been able to stop anybody? - Jeremy, New Orleans




I disagree with the premise of the question. They've stopped people. They haven't been dominant, but you can't say Alabama's defense has been terrible. They're playing in the SEC.


First of all, let me say that it irritates me to no end that these kids don't seem to understand the privilege that they have four years of college football. I know Ryan Perrilloux's a kid, but this isn't the first time he's had an off-the-field issue. It's a selfish move on his part. I don't care what you say. His team is trying to accomplish great things and he's off doing his own individual things and if I was a captain that would irritate me. If I was Glenn Dorsey and I came back to try and win a championship and a guy who is in a leadership position thinks it's more important to entertain his own personal interest, that would irritate me.


That being said, I don't really think it's going to matter. Alabama is going to beat LSU. It doesn't have anything to do with the quarterback position. It has everything to do with Terry Grant. It has everything to do with an Alabama defense that will step up. And it has everything to do with Nick Saban being the Alabama head coach. That's why he's paid $4 million, to win a game like this. This game is about motivation, energy, competition and intensity. And Alabama doesn't need to celebrate a touchdown like Georgia did. They'll be ready and Alabama and LSU will both be 7-2.


Who wins head-to-head, Arizona State or Kansas? - Jason, Illinois  


That's a great question. That was a thought provoking question. We need more of our e-mailers to come up with thought provoking questions. Not boring hubbub.


I think that Arizona State would be surprised by the physicality that Kansas has up front. I think they would see them in warmups and go, "They don't look like anything like USC. They don't look like Cal or Oregon." But they would be surprised with how tough Kansas is. They would be surprised with Brandon McAnderson and Jake Sharp; both have over 600 yards rushing. They would be surprised with Todd Reesing, who is all of 5-foot-10 and doesn't look like all that much.


I think Kansas would be surprised with Rudy Carpenter and some of the athleticism of Keegan Herring. But the way it would work is Kansas would jump out to a big halftime lead and Dennis Erickson, just like he's done all year, would work his magic. Arizona State has outscored opponents 152-37 in the second half. They've just dominated. They would comeback and it would end up being a shootout, but I think Kansas would win, 42-35.


If Michigan runs the table the rest of the way, will people totally forget what happened in Week 1? - Aaron Kilgore, California


I think they already have. Interesting stat for you: Michigan is 21st in total defense right now. People wanted to run Ron English out of Ann Arbor and said Lloyd Carr needed to retire. Have we forgotten how people were talking about Les Miles taking the Michigan job? Really?!?


We're so dumb in college football. This defense has gotten better and I just can't wait for the final home game of the season against Ohio State. I want Michigan to win so bad because I do not want to see Ohio State in another national championship game. They've played nobody.