Being a helpful hand during trying times to Crystal Ball co-host Trev Alberts

Oct. 29, 2007

By Brian Jones

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Brian Jones is a football analyst for CSTV and
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I need your help; actually my buddy Trev Alberts needs your help and prayers.


Why you ask? Well, this college football season, more specifically the Nebraska Cornhuskers' football season, is taking a toll on that tall drink of water, Mr. Alberts.


Yes folks, the Butkus Award-winning linebacker is struggling to maintain his sanity in the face of a less-than-flattering 2007 performance by his beloved Cornhuskers. 


The Huskers have lost four in a row and five on the season. Five is the total number of losses they suffered in '06 when they secured a trip to the Big 12 conference championship game. Wow, what a difference a year makes!




Now this version of the famed "black shirts" is driving my professorial Crystal Ball co-host to drink, sulk and he can occasionally be heard mumbling to himself. Isn't it amazing that college football could have such a profound effect on one's psyche?


Ironically and unfortunately, my psyche knows exactly what my man Trev is enduring.


Prior to the current football administration at the University of Texas, there was the John Mackovic era.


Mackovic, like current Husker head coach Bill Callahan, upon arrival on campus, proceeded to alienate Longhorns from years past. Unlike his replacement Mack Brown, Mackovic found no benefit in embracing the former players and legendary head coaches that helped build the championship football program he was then leading. 


Callahan has done as much, or less, if you will, in the embracing department, declining to acknowledge and reach out to former Cornhusker greats.


Now look what this decision has wrought.


The larger-than-life former head coach Tom Osborne sits atop the athletic program with specific designs on the football team. Just think what a little good 'ol fashion reaching out could have done for you. While the Cornhusker faithful would still remain befuddled and unhappy in the midst of a 4-5 season, just maybe they would be more inclined to give you a longer leash.


Speaking of leashes, let's make sure we keep all leashes, ropes, shoe strings and sharp objects away from my homeboy Trev.