No Halves Off In College Football

Teams can't afford to slack off for even for a quarter

College Football Preview: Week 9

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Oct. 24, 2007

By Trev Alberts

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You've got college football questions and CSTV football analyst Trev Alberts has answers and opinions. Each week Alberts will be answering questions and queries on the world of college football. So if you've got a question for Trev? Just ask him.


Do you read anything into Oklahoma's struggles against Iowa State? There was no reason why OU shouldn't have blown them out by 40. - Kevin Greenwald, Tulsa




I don't read anything into it at all. I watched the game and you have to know that it's a great environment sitting in Ames, Iowa. And when you get a team coming in as highly ranked as Oklahoma was, for Ames, Iowa that's about as good of an atmosphere as you could every have.


You're walking into a place that has a team which was extremely motivated to show that they can play against a big time school like Oklahoma. And you're a team that has nothing to lose so you're going to try some different and crazy things. It was one of those games that you walk out of happy that you won, especially with what's happened this year in college football.


I think Oklahoma is a really good team. I would say that Bob Stoops could use the Iowa State game, as well as the second half against Colorado, to show his Sooners that they aren't so good that they can just show up, play for a half and go on cruise control. The current climate in college football is you better play for four quarters. Oklahoma is no different. There have been a lot of good teams that have learned that lesson. USC did against Stanford, and they almost did a week before against Washington.


If Kansas goes undefeated, are they in the national championship game, assuming there are not three or more undefeated teams? - Allan, Florida


I think that's the one scenario no one is talking about. Of course we're all talking about, "What are we going to do when we have nothing but one and two loss teams?" Nobody is contemplating the scenario of having multiple undefeated teams. It's pretty reasonable to think Ohio State will finish the season undefeated. I think it's probably pretty unreasonable to think Arizona State and Boston College will finish undefeated.


I will tell you if Kansas goes undefeated - and remember, they have to play in a conference championship game - and plays Ohio State in the national championship, nobody in college football would accept that. The AP would be giving out their own national championship again, which would force further changes to the BCS.


What kind of game will it take for Matt Ryan to show that he's the top Heisman candidate at Virginia Tech this week? - Dennis, Connecticut


You have to win. Go on the road, face pressure, complete throws, don't turn the ball over and your team has to rally around you to win. He doesn't have to throw for 400 yards. Just manage the game well, don't turn the ball over and have your team win.


People are already questioning if Boston College is for real. If they go on the road and beat Virginia Tech they've earned that respect. They did it last year, except it came at home and they dominated Tech. If they do it this time around, then I think it's basically Matt Ryan, Tim Tebow and Andre' Woodson for me.