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Bringing Tom Osborne on board right move for Cornhuskers

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Oct. 17, 2007

By Trev Alberts

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Will you please weigh in on Steve Pederson's firing and Tom Osborne's hiring? What do you think will be the impact on the players, recruits, donors and Husker Nation as a whole? If this is indicative of Bill Callahan's fate, who would be on your short list to replace him? - Pat, Omaha




Having gone through a termination myself, I don't think anybody takes great comfort in anyone's firing. I certainly don't in regards to Steve. But moving forward, I think all of Huskerland is just really blessed to have coach Osborne at their fingertips. He is the greatest resource Nebraska has -- even as a state. He's available and willing to help.


I've had a number of emails and phone calls from people asking me, "Well, what are we going to do now?"


As I told everyone, let the good doctor tell you what to do and do it. He's got a recipe for success.


I don't think it's going to be an overnight solution. To make the correlation that because he's the AD the football team is going to win the rest of its games is probably an unfair conclusion. But Nebraska's about family and someone just came home.


I really don't know how it will effect recruiting; I suppose a lot will have to do with Bill Callahan and the way the team finishes. I know coach Osborne is a transparent guy -- you're not going to have to guess with him. What he says is what he means and what he means is what he says. I think the concurrent staff will know where they stand in a short amount of time with coach Osborne. He said he won't leave anyone dangling out there and he knows as a former coach that the lives and families of the coaching staff are at stake.


It's funny to me how schools bring in these consultants to evaluate their programs. Well, Nebraska just got the best consultant they'll ever find.  


What do you think of Danny Woodhead. Does he actually have a chance at the Heisman or will it be a disadvantage since he is from Nebraska? Also, do you think he will be a factor in the NFL like the last Chadron State player to play pro ball (Don Beebe)? - Seth Cornish


I'm saddened my CSTV partner, Tom Hart, is going to be there with Roland Williams doing the game and getting to see Woodhead up and close and personal. I wish I could have been there, but being in New York on a Wednesday sort of precludes me from getting to a Thursday game as well.


In reference to the previous question, he's probably a kid that walks-on in Nebraska and makes a big impact at a different time.


But he's a great story. I'm just proud of the way he plays. I've seen some highlights, and it's just the way he runs and the toughness he displays. He's not just a good running back, but he has good hands and I think he's a good blocker in the backfield and a good leader.


Realistically, does he have a chance, probably not. In a year when so many guys have come and went and so many have fallen off the list, you have to remember the guys like Gordon Lockbaum from Holy Cross in 1986 and 87 and Joe Dudek from Plymouth State in 1985.


You'd like to see a guy like that get some attention. But realistically, he's probably not going to find himself on a trip to New York. But Danny can take great pride knowing he was one of the best players to ever play his position in the game.


Do you think all this newfangled parity in the college game is something that will continue? Or will next season go right back to having the normal powerhouse teams from the normal powerhouse conferences at the top of the rankings, with one or two undefeateds at the end of the year? - N.K., Maryland


I don't know. It's pretty difficult to predict, but I think the pattern we're in right now is probably going to stay that way, especially with 85 scholarships and teams that are willing to pay about any amount of money to bring in a coach just to get back to prominence.


It's interesting to see the financial commitment some of these schools are making across the board. People realize how important football and winning football can be in building the community and traditions. I think it's going to be the same because teams are so close and will keep notching each other off. For me, it's going to be harder and harder to continually arbitrarily determine who the champions will be by voting them in.