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USF finds itself mentioned in the same breath as Jeff Gordon and the New York Yankees

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Oct. 15, 2007

By Brian Jones

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We are a sports nation that loves to hate.


Take for instance the New York Yankees. They are hated because they have an unmatched history of winning. Another example is my favorite NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. He's hated because he "ain't no spittoon spitting, good ole boy from the south."  I even get hate mail, and to tell you the truth, I'm really not sure why? I'm just an honest, humble ex-jock turned television analyst.


The newest member of the "hated on" club is the No. 2-ranked USF football program. You heard me correct, the No. 2 team in the land is South Florida. Having a difficult time rolling that one off the tongue are you? I understand, traditionally the Bulls aren't sitting anywhere near the top of the college football polls. Well, that's changed and many are not enamored with USF's current position in the polls. Take for instance Brian Curtis, for weeks he has denounced the Bulls steady ascent in the polls. I know, what does Brian Curtis know about football? Trust me, Trev Alberts and I mull over that question on a weekly basis. Then there was all-world College and NFL head coach and current NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy had a look of astonishment on his face upon hearing that USF was No. 2. I'm with you coach, it sounds a little funny but it's true and the Bulls are deserving of their lofty ranking.




Let's look at the Bulls' track record so far this season. The first contest was against the Elon Phoenix. In that game, which was no domination by any means, the Bulls pulled off a 28-13 win. Then the Bulls went off to SEC territory to face the No. 17 Auburn Tigers. That was a tough second victory. Next was North Carolina and then the No. 5 West Virginia Mountaineers. Was it just me or did WVU coach Rich Rodriguez look more fired-up than his team? Then came FAU and this past weekend UCF, whom the Bulls completely annihilated, 64-12.


Sure, there are still big games with Cincinnati, Rutgers and Louisville, but let's do the math up to this point. The Bulls go on the road and knock off a ranked team from arguably the most competitive conference in college football. They then outplay the undisputed No. 5 team and its two Heisman candidates. But don't stop there, the Bulls smacked the sunshine out of UCF, a team that played my Texas Longhorns close to the edge. You can now factor into the equation one helluva strange season in college football. You add up all them there marbles and you got yourself the No. 2 team in the nation, the USF Bulls. So don't hate, appreciate, the Bulls of South Florida, at least for now.