Don't Hate On South Florida

Based on quality wins, Bulls deserve Top 10 ranking

College Football Preview: Week 6

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Oct. 3, 2007

By Trev Alberts

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You've got college football questions and CSTV football analyst Trev Alberts has answers and opinions. Each week Alberts will be answering questions and queries on the world of college football. So if you've got a question for Trev? Just ask him.


Is the ACC the graveyard for college football? The ACC is easily the worst BCS conference and it seems that every time a good team joins the league they quickly become mediocre like the rest of the pitiful ACC. Why do you think that teams that join the ACC suddenly get worse (i.e. Virginia Tech, Miami and FSU (although that one took longer)?  - Clay Carmack, Marietta, Georgia




That's a superficial way of looking at the ACC. It's the same thing that people argued about the Big 12 North and then this past weekend happened where Kansas State dominated Texas and Colorado beat Oklahoma.


The same thing has happened in the ACC. It's just a natural transition. It's a down time for some teams, but if you think Miami, for instance, is going to be down for a long time, it's not. Virginia Tech is in a transition from moving from the Vicks to another talented quarterback in Tyrod Taylor. Maybe he'll be a quarterback in that mold down the road, but he isn't right now.  


But last time I checked, Virginia Tech is ranked pretty high. Boston College happens to be a Top 10 team right now. Maybe it's a stretch that they're in the Top 10 and they may be a bit overrated, but they're in the Top 10 and have one the best quarterbacks in the country in Matt Ryan. You know Tom O'Brien will have North Carolina State a lot better soon. Butch Davis has at least made North Carolina competitive now.


I think we all lambasted the Big East a few years back and I'm sure the ACC is aware of their deficiencies. It'll only be a matter of a year or two and people won't be talking about the ACC in that way.


Should coaches be allowed to call timeouts right when the ball is snapped? It seems like they're unfairly taking advantage of the rules. - Aaron, Dallas


In some ways, I say to myself that's not really the spirit of the rule. I guess I applaud coaches for taking advantage of whatever they can, sort of like Bret Bielema did last year. I watched Mike Shanahan do it to Oakland and then I watched Lane Kiffin do it to Cleveland. Then Urban Meyer did it and it's kind of neat and you think to yourself, "Those guys are really smart." But just wait for the time when they call the timeout and the guy misses it and comes back and bangs it through. Then they'll look like a moron.


I think the move is a little bit unfair and a little disingenuous, but hey, just go out there and make the field goal. How about Wes Byrum who banged it through twice and then Gator-chomped the whole place? Good for him.


Is South Florida really the No. 6 team in the nation? And does their win last week say more about them or more about how overrated West Virginia was? -­ Rob Abruzio, Florida 


I think it says more about South Florida. You have to look beyond just that one game. Everybody is putting a whole lot on the fact they beat West Virginia, but we have such a short-sighted sports community.


Week 2 in Auburn, Ala., the Bulls beat the Tigers, 26-23, the same Auburn team that just beat the untouchable Gators. It's the same snotty, arrogant, `Who's South Florida, the Big East is overrated' nonsense. They've beaten an Auburn team that's beaten Florida and a talented West Virginia team.  


They're Top 10 ranking is not based solely on the fact they beat West Virginia. They beat North Carolina in a blowout, Auburn and West Virginia. Name me a team in the Top 10 who has those kinds of wins?