Making Sense - And A Ballot - Out Of It All

Voting after a wild weekend isn't as hard as you'd think

College Football Preview: Week 6

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Oct. 3, 2007

By Tom Hart

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Well that was easy.  Filling out a Top 25 poll after the wildest weekend in college football history would seemingly be a monumental task.  In actuality, I felt it might have been the easiest of the year.


The top three were easy.  I've had LSU in front of USC for weeks, so that wasn't going to change.  Cal had one of the most deserving wins of the weekend, and Ohio State took advantage of the upsets to jump to No 4.  




Speaking of taking advantage, USF, Kentucky, and Boston College all slid up after Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Florida all lost.  I'm still not sold on Wisconsin, but as an undefeated, the Badgers have earned a Top 10 spot not on the quality of play, but on their record.


OU and Florida both lost to quality competition, with the Sooners dropping their game to a Big 12 opponent on the road.  As a result, neither fell too far.


Missouri and Hawaii are both undefeated, so they both belong in front of the very good SEC duo of South Carolina and Georgia at 12-13. 


What else is there to explain?  Oregon fell six spots in my poll after losing to Cal.  I wish I didn't have to drop them that far, since they've proven to be a good team and had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter.  The difference is there are some more deserving teams in front of them.


Kansas State jumped in at No. 19 on my list. Ron Prince's team's only loss was on the road in the SEC - to an Auburn team that won at Florida (but also lost to Mississippi State).  Purdue entered at No. 22 on my ballot.  UCF has only one loss, by a field goal at home to Texas. 


1. LSU

2. USC

3. Cal

4. Ohio State

5. USF

6. Kentucky

7. Boston College

8. Wisconsin

9. Oklahoma

10. Florida

11. Missouri

12. Hawaii

13. South Carolina

14. Georgia

15. Arizona State

16. Oregon

17. West Virginia

18. Miami

19. Kansas State

20. Texas

21. Cincinnati

22. Purdue

23. Clemson

24. Nebraska

25. UCF