Quotes from Tuesday's Press Conference

Sept. 29, 2004

Hurricane Headquarters

Coral Gables, Fla. (www.hurricanesports.com) -- - Quotes from the Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004 press conference:

Coach Larry Coker on the Georgia Tech game: "The game is sold out in Atlanta and we're very anxious to have an opportunity to play a very fine Georgia Tech team. People here know Chan Gailey from his time with the Dolphins. He's a tremendous person and an outstanding football coach and a good hire for them. We have to do a good job on the road with the crowd and we'll spend time this week helping us do that. Tech does have seven starters back on offense, seven on defense from a bowl team a year ago. They have two outstanding defensive players. Henderson, the defensibve end, is just coming back I believe and is All-ACC, and Butler the safety is a little like Greg Threat, Sean Taylor, that type, very active. Offensively they have a trifecta in quarterback Reggie Ball, P.J. Daniels the running back and a great wide receiver in Calvin Johnson. Johnson reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. We leave the Big East and get away from Fitzgerald and now we see him again. We need to have a great week of parctice, we had a good day on Sunday. We fought through tyhe hurricane and had a little window to practice. It wasn't ehast the Dolphins played in Sunday night."


(on the ACC tradition at Georgia Tech) "It's a tradition that people go to the games, the student body will be there. nytime the University of Miami comes to town it will be a big event. It will be an exciting atmosphere. Georgia Tech is 2-1. They've had two weeks to prepare for us. Their students will be hungry and into it and it'll be very lively at Bobby Dodd Stadium."

(on the Miami running game) Frank Gore is the starter, and they'll both play. Whoever has the hot hand will probably play more. Frank did not play that much against Houston. He has tendonitis and has a sore knee so we didn't play him. I can be more cautious because I have Tyrone Moss playing behind him. But also we want a healthy Frank Gore. There is no structural damage. He was sore throughout the week, and it was a short week. He didn't have any rest on his knee, that was most of it."

(on Tyrone Moss) "He is starting faster in games. He has a lot more experience. He'll only get better and better. The more repititions, the more games he gets under his belt, he is actually playing like a starter."

(on allowing five sacks against Houston) "We better get it corrected. We gave up no sacks against Florida State and gave up five against Houston. That's the mentality in college football now -- blitz. Look at our team. If you can't handle the blitz packages, you;ll be in for a long night. We have to do a better job with our protection, with our quarterback, it's a combination of things. It's not all the quarterback, and it's not all the offensive line. One was the back not picking up a blitz. All of it happened the second half. You can write it off that we were ahead, the clock was ticking, but it shouldn't have happened. We can be better and we need to be better to be where we should be. We have to get the ball into the hands of the receivers who can be playmakers.

(On whether there is a possibility another quarterback could play earlier than the end of a game) "Yes. There is that possibility. I'm not saying I expect it to happen. I expect Brock to play well and I expect us to play well on offense. I'm saying there is a possibility. Brock knows he can play better. There is improvement from last year. The interceptions are not there. It may be a little to early to tell how much we've improved. We're still finding ourselves. We're running the ball well, and we're still finding our passing game."

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Coach Larry Coker fields questions from the media.
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