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Aggies talk the talk, but don't walk the walk

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Sept. 24, 2007

By Brian Jones

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Baby let me tell you, this rant is gonna be a lot of fun! Why, you ask? Well, because I get to pick on one of my favorite and easiest targets, the Texas A&M Aggies.


You know we Longhorns and Aggies don't care for each other. Last Thursday, the then 20th-ranked Aggies were pummeled by a fast and ferocious Miami defense. To compound the situation, they asked for it! Well, maybe not everyone on the roster.


But the nimble toed, 6-foot, 268-pound bruising running back Jorvorskie Lane sure did. In a recent interview, Mr. Lane asserted that the Aggies' very talented offensive trio of QB Stephen McGee, blazing RB Michael Goodson and himself could not be stopped by anyone in the country. Say what?




Apparently, the Hurricanes didn't get the memo Mr. Lane, because they opened up a can of whipass on you and your boys from Colleyville to the tune of 34-17.


Now folks, don't let that 17 fool you; all of the Aggies' points were scored late in the fourth quarter when the game was out of question.


Back to the "we can't be stopped" comment. McGee was just 11-of-20 for 109 yards and a pick while Goodson had nine carries for 28 yards and you, Jorvorskie, had two rushes for two yards. That's right, two measly yards! What were you thinking?  I know, you weren't thinking, right?


The Miami team you were about to face didn't draw comparisons to the great squads of the past, so you figured it would possibly be a cakewalk, right? Noooo! While they're young, this is a very talented Hurricanes team with speed to burn and you got toasted. But, what was even more puzzling is that your previous opponents, Montana State, Fresno State and ULM, would not be confused with the defenses of the likes of LSU or Ohio State.


So, how could you fix your mouth to spew the comments "can't be stopped by anyone in the country?"  Son, are you not aware of generating bad karma...or jinxing yourself? How about this one..."You just signed your own death warrant"!


I know you Aggies are reluctant to heed a Longhorn's advice, but please, in the future, remember you don't taunt the crocodile until you cross the river!