Quinn Still In Among Heisman Favorites

Sept. 8, 2006

By Chris Huston

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Chris Huston

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Poor Brady Quinn.

Based on everyone's reaction to his performance against Georgia Tech, you would think that his chances at the Heisman Trophy have slipped away.

The ESPN Heisman Watch says so, as does CBS Sportsline.

You can't find him in the top five at College Football News or in the top 10 at Sports Illustrated.

So, that measly 23-of-38 for 246 yard performance in a tough win has seemingly made it harder for college football's biggest name to gain traction in the Heisman race after just one week.

At least that's what you would think if you actually took any of these opinions and polls to heart.

In reality, Quinn is still the solid leader in this year's race for the Heisman. The quest for the most prestigious award in sports is a marathon, not a sprint. Quinn still has unmatched levels of name recognition, a great career resume and the benefit of playing for the most storied tradition in college football. 

It will take more than a mediocre (for him) game to knock him from his perch. 

What really matters are the Heisman voters who will be watching closely when he plays Penn State, Michigan, UCLA and USC down the road.  He's got more chances than any other candidate out there to make a big impression.

If The Vote Were Held Today (according to HeismanPundit)

1. Brady Quinn, Notre Dame -
One mediocre performance does not a Heisman has-been make.

2. Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma - The more he keeps his team afloat, the more the voters will move his way

3. Troy Smith, Ohio State - The sexy pick du jour.  If he keeps on winning, he'll be in the thick of it.

4. Steve Slaton, West Virginia - Being just a sophomore, he can't win. But he can get a free trip to NYC.  He's also setting himself up for a serious run in '07.

5. Kenny Irons, Auburn -The last SEC running back to win the Heisman also wore a Tiger uniform.

6. Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech - Can't win as a pure wide out, but he made an impression against Notre Dame.

7. Chris Leak, Florida - A product of that Meyer system. But it's the 'it' system right now.

8. Ted Ginn, Ohio State - He's a couple magical punt returns away from being a real contender.

9. Garrett Wolfe, Northern Illinois - Voters know he is for real now after his performance against the Buckeyes.


10. Michael Hart, Michigan - Solid back on a solid team, but would have to really explode to be a factor.

* * *

With my thoughts out of the way, it's time for the inaugural CSTV Heisman Blog Poll.  Every week I'll present a list drawn from the top 10 candidates produced by the following group of superb college football blogs, plus my own, heismanpundit.com:

The College Football Independent
College Football Resource
College Game Balls
In The Bleachers
Just College Football
Pitch Right
The Wizard of Odds

These are some of the most knowledgeable bloggers out there on all things college football. So, without further ado, here the results of the first poll and some commentary from our star bloggers (first place votes in parentheses):

1. Troy Smith (1) - Just College Football:  A solid performance against Northern Illinois is fine and dandy, but it's the game in Austin this weekend that could determine Smith's Heisman fate.


2. Adrian Peterson (1) - College Football Resource: The Sooner offense was bogged down against UAB until Peterson carried the team on his back in the third quarter.

3. Brady Quinn (3) - The College Football Independent: If the Irish can put together a string of impressive wins, the "close call" against GT will soon be a distant memory.

4. Kenny Irons (2) - College Game Balls: He looks like a total stud and could be the catalyst for another Auburn SEC Championship.

5. Steve Slaton - The Wizard Of Odds: Marshall failed to stop him, and now he sits atop the national rushing chart. Easy schedule will help.

6. Ted Ginn - Pitch Right: There's no question about his athletic ability, and he had a great game against Northern Illinois, but I doubt he's going to get the ball enough to make a serious push.


7. Chris Leak - College Football Resource:  Looks like he'll have a fine senior season with targets like Andre Caldwell, Dallas Baker the Touchdown Maker and exciting freshman Percy Harvin.

8. Calvin Johnson - In The Bleachers: Johnson was a man-child against Notre Dame Saturday night.  He is the Tech offense.

9. Brian Brohm - Just College Football:  The loss of teammate Michael Bush is a Catch-22 for Brohm's Heisman chances. He won't have to split the votes with Bush, but on the other hand, it could cost Louisville a win or two.

10.  Garrett Wolfe -
The Wizard of Odds:  No chance of winning, but he should be a frontrunner after 171 rushing yards and 114 receiving yards against Ohio State.



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