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    May 26, 2006

    By Tom Lemming

    Special to CSTV.com



    Tom is CSTV's college football recruiting analyst, and writes for CSTV.com regularly. E-mail here!

    After flying into Colorado early Monday morning, I spent the whole day driving around and interviewing the top players in the state -- in Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder. After I finished in Denver, I drove to Steamboat Springs, and now I'm going into Utah. I feel confident I covered everybody in the state.


    The best player in the state of Colorado is Ryan Miller (6-8, 280 lbs.) from Columbine High School in Littleton. I've seen a lot of the top offensive linemen and, after watching his tape yesterday, I have to rank Miller among the top two or three left tackles in the country. He kind of reminds me of Sam Young from last year, the kid from Florida who went to Notre Dame. He's got the same kind of movement skills and everything else. Right now, I think Colorado, Notre Dame, Nebraska and USC are his top schools but he's going to take his time -- he's not in any hurry. He was first team All-State last year, and he's got a lot of schools in pursuit. I haven't seen a better left tackle in the country than him.


    Another kid is Blake Swain from Denver East. Swain is a multi-talented athlete who plays quarterback, wide receiver, running back and cornerback -- he's one of the most gifted athletes in the state and he's got a lot of people looking at him. Colorado, Arizona and Cal are his top three right now. A lot of people are looking at him as a wide receiver and a quarterback.


    Then there's Steve Watson (6-5, 240 lbs.) from Mullen High School, whose dad played in the NFL for 10 years. He's one of the more recruited players having been offered by more than 10 schools, including UCLA, Cal, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado. He's more of a tight end -- and the top tight end in the state. He's got real good hands and can run and is an excellent all-around blocker. He was instrumental in helping Mullen reach the state championship game, where they lost.  


    Then there's one of the top rising juniors in the state, Nolan Brewster (6-2, 195 lbs.), a free safety. The reason he came out is because his brother came out. His dad is Tim Brewster, an assistant coach with the Denver Broncos, who was known as one of the best recruiters in college football when he was at Texas with Mack Brown. Brewster is going to be one of the top couple of juniors next year, a real hard-hitting safety with great instincts. His brother is Clinton Brewster (6-1, 195 lbs.) -- or just Clint -- who plays quarterback for Mullen and has got some real good skills. He is a real big-time ballplayer. Clint threw for 2,200 yards in leading Mullen to the state title game. He's got schools like Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, Cal, Stanford, South Carolina and Tennessee looking at him really hard. He's probably the most recruited quarterback in the state.


    Then there's Kyle Theret (5-11, 185 lbs.), also from Mullen, who runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds. He's another jack-of-all-trades who can play running back, wide receiver and strong safety, but in the secondary is where he made a name for himself last year. Theret is a hard-hitting guy who throws his body right into the play. San Diego State, Arizona State, Colorado State, Wisconsin and Cal are all schools that are very interested.


    There are a lot of Mullen guys that made this short list, and another in Brett Skene (6-1, 190 lbs.), a wide receiver who caught a lot of Brewster's passes this last year. Skene had a lot of family members play for New Mexico, and UNM is one of the schools coming after him along with Kansas State, UCLA and Colorado. He's a sure-handed receiver, more of a possession-type guy, but he's got good hands and pretty good speed.


    Tyler Buzzard (6-4, 225 lbs.) is one of the best tight ends in the state, about an equal of Watson. He also was a very good linebacker. He's from Kennesburg Weld Central. He's a sure-handed, good blocker with great hands and good speed after the catch. He's got schools like Colorado, Texas, CSU, K-State and Iowa State in his top five.


    Anthony Perkins is a defensive back and a quarterback, but he's being recruited more as a DB. I really like him: He's got great quickness (4.5 in the 40-yard dash), leaping ability and anticipation. He only played two games in corner and had two picks -- and that's where he's going to play in college. He's committed to Colorado. His grandfather was Don Perkins, the star tailback for the Dallas Cowboys. (I remember one of the first football cards I ever got was his grandfather.) He's one of the top five or six guys in Colorado, but a real fast guy who can be an excellent corner for them. He's a big sleeper to be one of the big stars.


    The No. 2 player in the state behind Brian Miller is Drew Davis (6-2, 210 lbs.), the wide receiver from Montbello with great hands. He's got the body of a Michael Irvin and can run through tackles with deceptive speed. Davis averaged 22 yards per catch last year and is being offered by everybody. Right now, Colorado, USC, LSU, UCLA, Michigan and Notre Dame are his top schools. He's got great hands, and is probably one of the most underrated wideouts I've seen.


    Then there's Charles Kay (6-3, 220 lbs.), a linebacker from Aurora Regis Jesuit. He's the best `backer in the state: Hard-hitting, tough and floats to the ball well. Kay made 108 tackles last year. Colorado, Stanford and UCLA are the top three schools that are coming after him. I liked him more after I saw him on film.


    Next is Hayes' teammate, Alvin Logan (6-2, 195 lbs.). He's a wide receiver-cornerback-free safety kind of athlete who has posted really good grades and, as a result, is looking at some Ivy League schools along with Colorado, Arizona, Washington State, Cal and Arizona State. He averaged 19.5 yards per catch as a WR.


    Brandon Gouin (TK, TK lbs.) from Boulder High School is a real good athlete at quarterback. I saw him down in San Antonio at the U.S. Army Combine in January and he looked good there. Gouin had a really good junior year behind center, and punted for over a 38-yard average. He's also being recruited as a free safety. A hard-hitting guy who can move his feet, Gouin also has a really good arm as a quarterback and ranks as one of the better signal-callers in the state.


    Jared Campbell (6-0, 188 lbs.) is a free safety from Golden High, another good ballplayer with 4.5 speed -- excelling both at wideout and safety. He was a good running back too, but he'll probably be a free safety in college. He's got a lot of schools coming after him like Colorado and Colorado State, but he'd like to hear more from Miami.


    Then there's Levi Salmans (6-6, 280 lbs.) from Monarch in Louisville. He's a right tackle, a big guy. Salmans is getting interest because of his size and potential, but he's starting to come on pretty strong as a ballplayer. Colorado State and Wyoming are showing him the most interest right now, but Colorado and KSU are also looking at him. He's a guy that's got a lot of upside because of his size.


    Henri Obi (6-4, 235 lbs.) is defensive lineman in the state. The Thomas Jefferson product is really quick off the ball, with 10 sacks last year. Michigan, Colorado and Arizona are his top three schools. He'll be 270 pounds in another couple years. He's got long arms, quick feet and is a natural and instinctive pass rusher. Colorado is coming after him pretty hard.


    Probably the No. 3 guy in the state after Ryan Miller and Davis is another left tackle: Ethan Adkins (6-5, 275 lbs.) from Castle Rock Douglas County. I like him too as an athlete. They took state over Mullen this year, beating them in the championship game. He looks small at his current size, which means he's going to be over 300 pounds in a couple years. He's got offers from Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State. He's a little bit behind Ryan Miller in terms of overall athletic ability, but he's coming on strong and who knows what's going to happen in the next couple years.


    Luke Diehl (6-2, 208 lbs.) is another very good inside linebacker from Castle Rock Douglas County. This guy makes play after play. When you talk about productive defensive players in the state, he might be the most prominent. His brother Ross plays for Kansas State. Right now, they're probably the leading team for him. He's very muscular, very instinctive, strong, tough inside `backer. He's one of those kinds of guys that always makes it: Productive in high school, and he'll be productive in college.


    Finally, the third player from that team is quarterback Keiffer Garton (6-2, 195 lbs.), who led the offense. He got a 30 on the ACT, so he's getting it all from the Ivy League schools, Colorado and Stanford. He's got a good arm; he's a good athlete and a real smart QB.


    Those are the top guys in Colorado. Next week, we'll take a look at the top prospects from the Class of 2007 in the state of Utah.





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