No Doubt Tigers Not As Good

But don't expect much dropoff from LSU without Perrilloux

May 7, 2008

By Trev Alberts

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Considering all the talent they have returning, is Ryan Perrilloux's dismissal really going to affect LSU that much? - Betsy J., Baton Rouge


I think it would be disingenuous to say that having his kind of talent removed from the team would have no impact. When Ryan Perrilloux is right he would make any team better, I don't care if it's USC, because he is a phenomenally gifted player.


However, I think that fine line Les Miles was dealing with was where does the physical attributes that Perrilloux has supersedes the distraction that he causes off the field. It appears, from afar, that he crossed that line and he became a liability.


I think, on the surface, that LSU might be devastated by the move, but LSU is a talented team; they've played to their defense in the past, ran the ball and I think they'll be just fine. If you project a mentally and physically healthy Ryan Perrilloux then I think that team would have been able to compete for another national championship. Now, they're still a very good team, but not as good without Perrilloux.  


Miami's going to be starting a new quarterback and offensive coordinator Patrick Nix said his play-calling could be less conservative this year than last. Does that make any sense? - Jacob, Fla.


Sure. I think we sometimes fall into the trap of saying, "Well we have a new quarterback so let's get real conservative."


What does it mean to be conservative? Are you going to be running 75 percent of the time on first down because you have a new quarterback? That doesn't make much sense. That's playing into the hands of having a young quarterback in a very negative way.


I think when you say we're not going to be as conservative that doesn't mean you're going to be throwing the ball 100 times per game or taking a lot of chances. I think what he's trying to say, and what Miami has to understand, is that Miami needs to get its swagger back. They need to take some chances, play with passion and get away from that conservative nature. That's not who they are. They have players who like to make big time plays and celebrate. That's Miami.


And who knows. Robert Marve has been in the system, he's red-shirted so it's a little bit different when you have a guy who has been around for more than a few practices and could step in.


Who is your sleeper team for '08? - Bill H., Kentucky


First and foremost, I think Nebraska is really going to surprise some folks and I'm not just saying that for the obvious reasons. Their schedule is very interesting because they get your typical tuneup games and then Virginia Tech comes to town. Tech has lost some players and if Nebraska can pick them off that's a huge confidence builder. And I think Bo Pelini and his staff are still trying to change the attitudes of the kids, to get them accustomed to playing with confidence and understanding what it takes to be a champion.


So let's say they win that game with Virginia Tech, the next week they get Missouri at home. If they win those two games, I'm just telling you Nebraska could get on a roll. And I'm not talking about national championship aspirations here, but I don't see Nebraska in anyone's preseason Top 25. I'm telling you, Nebraska is a lot closer to being the Nebraska of old than a lot of people are giving them credit for.


To me, we often look at surprises and think about teams that aren't supposed to be good and suddenly become good, but one of the most intriguing storylines this fall is what will happen in Ann Arbor. When you've had a long established culture and tradition and then there is this complete 180 on thoughts and how you do things, I'm telling you with all of the talking, the players transferring, all of the concern and the fact they have lost a lot of veteran players and leaders, it'll be interesting to see how alumni and fans react if things don't go as anticipated.

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