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Long or Gholston the top picks in the NFL Draft

April 23, 2008

By Trev Alberts

Special to CSTV.com


Trev Alberts is a football analyst for CBS College Sports and CSTV.com.

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Who would you take with the first pick in the NFL Draft? - Chris, NY


I would take Jake Long.


Seriously, each team has unique needs and obviously the Dolphins have selected Jake Long because if you're convinced that he was the athleticism and durability, which he's shown at Michigan, then you can pencil in a starting left tackle for the next 10 years. Just look at the Rams with Orlando Pace.


You could have made the argument that it should have been Chris Long that the Dolphins selected. You could have made the argument that it should have been Darren McFadden. I know Bill Parcells has always believed in building from the inside out so he got his offensive tackle to take care of his quarterback. It's a good pick and it's probably a little bit of a value pick because you've already negotiated the contract beforehand. Remember JaMarcus Russell missed all of training camp and it really destroyed his rookie season.


But if I could pick anyone, I would not take a running back. I've always believed that running backs have a short shelf life and for every Adrian Peterson somebody gets hurt. I like Vernon Gholston and Chris Long. I am a fan of relentless players and Chris Long is relentless. He's the safe pick, he'll never embarrass the organization and he'll come to play every day.


Are people making too much of Darren McFadden's off the field issues. If you were a GM would shy away from him? - Jeff Loewen, Tenn.


To find or say a player has never done anything wrong is disingenuous. These are young men. They make mistakes. Look at Warren Sapp. He got shoved down in the draft and I think a lot of teams would have taken a Warren Sapp in retrospect.


But for every Warren Sapp there's a Lawrence Phillips. However, I just don't see that with Darren McFadden. I see toughness. He's a freak of nature. I think he's going to be a terrific, terrific pro.


If Tim Tebow and Matthew Stafford are your top two quarterbacks in the SEC, who is on the next level? - J.P., Georgia


It's definitely Ryan Perrilloux - assuming he's going to play. I would put him on equal footing with both of those players if he can put behind him the off the field issues. There's no doubt about his physical gifts. He was the MVP of the SEC Championship game.


But as for as some other names, I'm looking forward to seeing Jevan Snead at Ole Miss. The transfer from Texas, I like his ability. There's also Stephen Garcia at South Carolina, but he has to be reinstated. But there aren't very many guys that I'm ready to throw into the top level with Tebow, Stafford and Perrilloux just yet.


And we've answered the question as to why Georgia, Florida and LSU will be highly ranked this preseason. They have returning quarterbacks with talent. That's it.


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