Getting Paid Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

Title of highly paid coach brings with it plenty of pressure

March 12, 2008

By Trev Alberts

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What old-time rivalry that hasn't been played recently would you like to see resurrected? - James T., Wisconsin


I applaud the fact that Texas A&M and Arkansas are going to play again. I think anytime you have old foes coming back to play again it's a good thing. I would like to see some more of the Southwestern Conference foes got at it. I like Texas-Arkansas going at it on a consistent basis. I think that is phenomenal game.


I'd like to see the Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry renewed on a yearly basis. I know they could play in the Big 12 championship game type scenario, but that's a rivalry that was one of the best ever and can be again. I think Penn State and Nebraska had a little bit of a rivalry going for a few years in the 80s.


Notre Dame-Michigan recently announced that their game will continue until 2031 and that's a game in my mind that super-cedes Notre Dame-Michigan. It's a national rivalry. I wouldn't consider myself a fan of either team, but I can promise you that I'm watching that game and it would painful for me to hear of that rivalry being suspended.


I think the larger point is college football was built on rivalries. Anytime you move away from any of those rivalries it's a bad thing. But I think for the most part college football has done a good job maintaining rivalries.


Does watching March Madness make you wish there were a playoff system in college football? - Brian Alexi, Arizona


I was thinking about this and thinking what's the best two weeks on the sports calendar? I'm a hardcore college football fan and there isn't anything better to me than a crisp, fall afternoon when you're playing football, and preferably on natural grass. But I have to tell you, I get swept up in March Madness every year and I think this upcoming two week period in sports is the best two week period of the year.


You have the George Masons of the world, the Villanovas of 1985 against Patrick Ewing and Georgetown. That's what sport is about; the Cinderella with an opportunity, Hoosiers all over again.


I'm pretty nostalgic when it comes to college football, but I envision at some point there being a similar scenario to college basketball while the regular season maintains its importance. There would be such excitement with a playoff and the entire focus of the country would be on college football.


If you think college basketball is big when it comes to a playoff scenario, you can't even begin to scratch the surface of the level of excitement and enthusiasm if you had a legitimate way to determine the champion on the field.  


Mark Richt just got a pay raise, but which coach deserves more money than he's making? - H.G., Ill.


That's a pretty tough question, and I guess it depends on your definition of "deserves" is. I know that's being ambiguous, but Kirk Ferentz is making more than Mark Richt and looking by records you would say Mark Richt should be  making more than Kirk Ferentz.


But there are some side issues, like how important the football program is to the state. I always go back to what Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione said: every time Bob Stoops gets a pay raise, he's worth every single penny to the university because of what the university is able to raise and how many applicants they're able to attract because of the success he brings.  


Also keep in mind that there are some coaches who behind the scenes aren't interested in being the highest paid coach. It's kind of funny because that label carries pretty negative consequences. Let's say you lose a bunch of seniors and suffer a few injuries and all of the sudden you win only seven games. Then all of a sudden they want to fire you. Look what happened to Charlie Weis.

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