Lemming's Mailbag - Where Will They Go?

Predicted destinations for nation's top three recruits

Feb. 1, 2008

By Tom Lemming

Special to CSTV.com


Tom is CSTV's college football recruiting analyst, and writes for CSTV.com regularly.

Fridays on CSTV.com, Tom Lemming answers reader mail in his Weekly Mailbag - ASK TOM.


The top three players are all uncommitted right now -- what's your prediction on them? When was there a year like this year where so many of the top players were uncommitted? - Julius (Ann Arbor, Mich.)


If I had to predict, I'd say it will be Ohio State for QB Terrelle Pryor, Colorado for RB Darrell Scott and Alabama for WR Julio Jones. As for this year, it's as different a year as it's ever been. Usually there are 50 to 60 Top 100 players still undecided, but we should be down to 10 by the weekend with WR DeAndre Brown (No. 17) and DB Alonzo Lawrence (No. 26) expected to announce Friday, and WR Kenny Tate (No. 62) picking Maryland Thursday. Recruiting is an entirely different world than it's ever been before.


What do you think of Florida getting three Top 100s the past few weeks (William Green, Omar Hunter, and Ramon Buchanan)? - Adam (Gainesville, Fla.)


The Florida staff does a great job, but it really comes down to Urban Meyer. He's relentless, aggressive, persistent and smart. They're still in the hunt for No. 3-ranked Julio Jones as well. Florida is making its late push toward potentially being the No. 1 class in the country. Green, Hunter and Buchanan are all big-time gets this late in the game. And it's still not over.


How good is this 2009 QB Matt Barkley that committed to USC? I saw he's considered the early No. 1-ranked junior. Is he as good as Jimmy Clausen was at that stage? - Johnny (Reseda, Calif.)


He's bigger than Clausen was, but they're two different players. Jimmy probably had the best precision instincts and was a little older for his class. But Barkley probably has more physical skills. They're both going to be tremendous for USC and Notre Dame, though.


The Senior Bowl just happened in Mobile. What college football seniors have come a long way from their high school rankings? - Lindsay (Mobile, Ala.)


Chad Henne was a five-star player, and so was John David Booty. Booty was interesting, though, because he was Top 10 as a junior but graduated early and never played his senior year of high school. Mike Hart was a miss on my part. He was extremely productive despite being under-sized at 5-foot-9. I had him as a three-star player, but he's clearly been an overachiever. Andre' Woodson was a work-in-progress with a great ceiling. He looked good in camps and was a four-star player. It was a smart move by him to go to Kentucky. It really ended up being a perfect fit for him. And Colt Brennan, I had never even seen him, but we all know about him now.

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