LSU Impresses Like Never Before

LSU played its best football of the season in BCS Championship

Jan. 8, 2008

By Brian Curtis

CSTV Senior Editor



Brian Curtis is a CSTV football and basketball analyst and a regular writer.
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Well, that was interesting. LSU just put the finishing touches on an impressive 38-24 drubbing of top-ranked Ohio State, but they didn't even need 60 minutes to do it. This thing was over at halftime. 


LSU looked so impressive after the initial 10-0 deficit. When was the last game LSU looked this impressive? I'd have to go back to early September when they routed Virginia Tech at home. Seriously. 


The offense racked up yards as quickly as they wanted. The defense gave Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman no time to drop back and pass and, after allowing a few good runs to Chris Wells, played quite well. Matt Flynn, who has had his share of critics, including me at times this year, played like a fifth-year senior. 




You could argue that Flynn was the game MVP, but I have another one. How about LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton? With more than a month to game plan for the Buckeyes, Crowton had plenty of time to devise a mix of passes, runs and misdirections. Just look at two of the LSU touchdown passes. They worked because of great calls from the coaches' booth. 


As good as LSU looked, OSU looked helpless after relinquishing the lead. The Buckeyes were plagued by dropped passes, poor throws by Boeckman, a defense that seemingly couldn't figure out which LSU player to go after, a field goal unit that allowed pressure that blocked a kick and some silly personal foul penalties. 


So was LSU that good or was Ohio State that bad? Well, for all of you who believe that Georgia or USC should have a shot at No. 1, forget it. LSU manhandled the No. 1-ranked team in the nation and made it look easy. There is no doubt who is the national champion. 


Now, about next year. Both the teams could legitimately meet again in the BCS title game in 2009. With so many underclassmen returning, Ohio State will be loaded. And remember that this year they were really supposed to be rebuilding. As for LSU, Ryan Perrilloux will take over at center, the speedy receivers will be ready and the defense (minus a few All-Americans) will be stellar as well. 


Congratulations to Les Miles and LSU.