Ohio State, LSU Set To Bring In Top Classes

Both Buckeyes and Tigers going after some of nation's top players

Jan. 5, 2008

By Tom Lemming

Special to CSTV.com



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Ohio State


The Buckeyes' incoming class is fantastic. In-state they're always outstanding and they're bringing in a great offensive line group that could be enhanced if they land Josh Jenkins, who was considering West Virginia.


They're in on Terrelle Pryor and if they got the No. 1 player in the country, that would make this class special. They're in on defensive end Nick Perry who might wind up at Michigan, who just happens to be the best player in Michigan. They're also in on a number of guys in the South. But they're definitely a Top 10 class.




Jim Tressel has to rank as one of the five best recruiters in the country. He's got a good state to work, but his connections are superior to anybody else's. He's a good guy, like Pete Carroll - the best recruiter in the country - and kids like him. And to me, when you're a recruit, that means everything. He's liked by the parents and he has a great coaching track record. He's won a national title, played for one last year and he's doing it again this year.


Offensive linemen Mike Adams and Mike Brewster are two of the top recruits Ohio State's bringing in. Brewster's a mean, tough, take-no-prisoners kind of guy. He could wind up playing guard. Adams is a legit 6-foot-8 with a great future. He actually looks thin at 300 pounds. Andrew Sweat, from Pennsylvania, is another big time catch at linebacker. In-state, there's Devoe Torrance who has All-American ability at both running back and linebacker. DeVier Posey, who's in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, will fit in with all the rest of them next year. He's a fast kid with real good hands.




LSU can just mail it in when it comes to recruiting because they get everybody they want in Louisiana. They have also done a very good job in the Houston area and around the rest of the South, picking and poking after top guys. But the key to their recruiting is always the state of Louisiana. The secret to their success is the in-state players and they've been able to do that since Gerry DiNardo was there. Before that, all the in-state players left. Now they've been able to put a fence around the state.  


Nobody else is going to take players away from them; LSU is the only sheriff in town and if you can keep away schools like Texas, Oklahoma and Florida, then instantly you've almost got a BCS-caliber team right there.


Les Miles is an aggressive recruiter who knows what he wants. He knows how to recruit the Louisiana type kid. And the typical Louisiana type kid wants to stay in-state, he's usually in the lower-middle economic class, loves football and knows that football is his way out.


But LSU, as of right now, is not a finished product. One of the big guys LSU is still after is WR Julio Jones, one of the great players in the country. They're after some of the big names in the South and in the end their class could wind up anywhere from No. 1 to 10. They'll be Top 10; it's almost a forgone conclusion. All they have to do is land half of the guys they're after.


But the Tigers have to get Julio Jones. Alabama feels the same way, along with a number of other Southern schools, but whoever lands him greatly enhances their class.


Chris Tolliver is another big catch for LSU. Chase Clement and Matt Branch are very good gets. Jason Jefferson could be one of their top guys after he had a breakout year playing quarterback in Texas. He could be the guy to take over after Ryan Perrilloux in a few years. Karnell Hatcher is the real deal. He's not super big or super fast, but he's one of the better players and gets the job done. Real instinctive.