Dominant Aztecs on top of the Mountain
By Devin Kunysz The Daily Aztec

San Diego, CA (CSTV U-WIRE) -- San Diego State's 91-72 defeat of Wyoming last night at Cox Arena was less a game of basketball and more a game of show-and-tell.

SDSU showed everyone in the crowd that it was the best team in the Mountain West Conference.

And the Aztecs told the two members of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee that they deserved to dance.

"We wanted to prove that we are an NCAA Tournament team," assistant coach Mark Hughes said. "I think we did that tonight."

So do I.

If SDSU doesn't get a bid to the Tourney, it's more of a crime than the assault the Aztecs just administered to the Cowboys.

SDSU dominated the entire game, embarrassing Wyoming so thoroughly that if the announced sell-out crowd of 12,414 at Cox Arena had wanted to storm the court to celebrate the victory, they could have done so at halftime.

And they dominated with style.

Wyoming might have been the school sponsored by And1 last night, but it was SDSU that made the highlight reel.

Aztec Mix-Tape: Volume One included a stunning alley-oop from junior forward Mohamed Abukar to junior forward Marcus Slaughter, a fast break throw-down by Abukar from just inside the free-throw line and a flying tip-slam on a John Sharper missed 3-pointer by Slaughter.

Abukar, Slaughter and freshman forward Kyle Spain threw down dunk after dunk as they literally sent Wyoming cowering into the locker room with a 32-5 run midway through the first half.

And while the style of the win was A-plus, the end-result was equally important. For this win, the Aztecs deserve two "A's."

As in NCAA.

Teams that want to hear their names called on Selection Sunday win this way, especially against the sixth-place team in the conference.

The way SDSU blew Wyoming away reminded me of the great college basketball teams. Maybe I'm overreacting, but the way the Aztecs played last night was '92 Duke good, '95 UCLA good, '91 UNLV good.


And, although ESPN announced the Aztecs' "Pride of the Program" earlier this week, if I had a vote, I'd say this was definitely the defining moment of the program.

Even freshman point guard Richie Williams was taken aback.

"I think this was a really impressive win," Williams said.

Considering the way the Aztecs played, everyone in attendance should have been impressed - from the record crowd to the NCAA personnel. SDSU was looking to pad its tournament resume, but it might as well have written an open letter to the Selection Committee declaring that it belongs.

"I think we proved beyond a doubt that we are an NCAA Tournament team," Abukar said. "We wanted to make a statement and show how we're capable of playing."

Consider this one successful show-and-tell.

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