2007 City of Palms Classic Preview

One of the best holiday tournaments gets set to kickoff

Dec. 18, 2007

By Van Coleman

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Our event coverage of the holiday season kicks off with the City of Palms Classic in Fort Myers, Fla., Tuesday evening at the pre-Christmas tournament, an event that has grown into one of the top Holiday Tournaments in the country. The tournament field will feature no less than 17 players currently rated among their classes Top 100 prospects, so here's a look at some of the talent of interest that will be in Fort Myers this week.


City of Palms Top Prospects


Class of 2008:


Greg Monroe (No. 2 rated) 6-foot-10 PF Gretna Helen Cox, LA - (Georgetown)

Samardo Samuels (No. 4 rated) 6-foot-9 PF Newark St. Benedict's, NJ - (Louisville)

Eloy Vargas (No. 17 rated) 6-foot-10 C Plantation American Heritage, FL - (Florida)

Sylvan Landesberg (No. 37 rated) 6-foot-5 SG Flushing Holy Cross, NY - (Virginia)

Larry Drew (No. 58 rated) 6-foot PG Woodland Hills Taft, CA

Steve Tchiengang (No. 64 rated) 6-foot-8 PF Montverde Academy, FL - (Vanderbilt)

Matthew Humphrey (No. 71 rated) 6-foot-6 WF/SG Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL - (Oregon)

Nasir Robinson (No. 72 rated) 6-foot-6 CF Chester, PA - (Pittsburgh)

Ray Shipman (No. 76 rated) 6-foot-5 SG/WF Miami Monsignor Pace - (Florida)

Dashan Harris (No. 94 rated) 6-foot PG Montverde Academy, FL - (Texas A&M)

Rashanti Harris (No. 97 rated) 6-foot-9 PF Columbus, MS New Hope -

Josh Crittle 6-foot-8 (No. 100 rated) PF Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL - (Oregon)

Terrance Santil 6-foot-7 PF Miami Monsignor Pace - (VCU)

Marcus Capers 6-foot-5 WF Montverde Academy, FL - (Washington State)

Chad July 6-foot-8 PF Gainesville, FL - (High Point)

Dago Pena 6-foot-6 WF Punta Gorda Charlotte, FL - (Florida Atlantic)

Zack Rosen 6-foot-1 PG Newark St. Benedict's - (Pennsylvania)

Eugene Phelps 6-foot-7 CF Woodland Hills Taft, CA - (Long Beach State)

Oscar Bellfield 6-foot-3 CG Woodland Hills Taft, CA

Calvin Thompson 6-foot-2 CG Gretna Helen Cox, LA

Jakub Kusmieruk 7-foot-3 C Bel Air John Carroll, MD


Class of 2009:


Kenny Boynton (No. 6 rated) 6-foot-2 Plantation American Heritage, FL

Noel Johnson (No.18 rated) 6-foot-7 WF Lovejoy Fayette County, GA

Gregory Echenique (No. 35 rated) 6-foot-9 C Newark St. Benedict's, NJ

Tamir Jackson (No. 98 rated) 6-foot-1 CG Newark St. Benedict's, NJ

Justin Hawkins 6-foot-2 CG Woodland Hills Taft, CA - (UNLV)

D.J. Cooper 5-foot-9 PG Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL

Richie Phares 6-foot-7 CF Georgetown Scott County, KY

Rasheem Buckles 6-foot-9 Miami Monsignor Pace

Isaiah Filmore 6-foot-7 PF Bel Air John Carroll, MD

Gregg Gantt 5-foot-9 PG Gainesville, FL


Class of 2010:


Tristan Thompson (No. 8 rated) 6-foot-8 WF Newark St. Benedict's, NJ

Brandon Spearman 6-foot-2 SG Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL

David Paulk 6-foot-4 SG Fort Meyers Dunbar, FL

Reggie Bullock 6-foot-5 WF Kinston, NC


2007 City of Palms Classic Game Schedule


TUESDAY, December 18 (First game starts at 3:00 p.m. ET)


Game 1: Baltimore John Carroll (Md.) vs. New Orleans Helen Cox (La.)

Game 2: Fort Myers Dunbar vs. Georgetown Scott County (Ky.)

Game 3-Sunshine Series: Fort Myers (Fla.) vs. Arcadia DeSoto County (Fla.)

Game 4: Fort Myers Bishop Verot (Fla.) vs. Chester (Pa.)

Game 5: Newark St. Benedict's (N.J.) vs. Gainesville (Fla.)


WEDNESDAY, December 19 (First game starts at 3:45 p.m. ET)


Game 6: Consolation game: Game 2 loser  vs. Game 1 loser

Game 7: Miami Monsignor Pace (Fla.) vs. Flushing Holy Cross (N.Y.)

Game 8: Woodland Hills Taft (Calif.) vs. Punta Gorda Charlotte (Fla.)

Game 9: Columbus New Hope (Miss.) vs. Plantation American Heritage (Fla.)

Game 10: Chicago Hales Franciscan (Ill.) vs. Game 2 winner


THURSDAY, December 20 (First game starts at noon ET)


Game 11: Consolation game: Game 7 loser vs. Game 5 loser

Game 12: Consolation game: Game 4 loser vs. Game 9 loser

Game 13: Quarterfinal: Game 5 winner vs. Kinston (N.C.)

Game 14: Consolation game: Game 8 loser vs. Game 10 loser

Game 15: Quarterfinal: Game 9 winner vs. Game 1 winner

Game 16: Quarterfinal: Game 4 winner vs. Game 10 winner

Game 17: Quarterfinal: Game 8 winner vs. Game 7 winner


FRIDAY, December 21 (First game starts at 10:15 a.m. ET)


Game 18: Consolation semifinal: Game 11 winner vs. Game 6 winner

Game 19: Consolation semifinal: Game 12 winner vs. Game 14 winner

Game 20: Fifth-place semifinal: Game 15 loser vs. Game 16 loser

Game 21: Fifth-place semifinal: Game 13 loser vs. Game 17 loser

Game 22-Sunshine Series: Orlando Olympia (Fla.) vs. Fayetteville Fayette County (Ga.)

Game 23: Semifinal: Game 13 winner vs. Game 15 winner

Game 24: Semifinal: Game 17 winner vs. Game 16 winner

Game 25: Challenge-round game: Assorted teams (TBA)


SATURDAY, December 22 (First game starts at 8:15 a.m. ET)


Game 26: Challenge-round game: teams (TBA)

Game 27: Challenge-round game: teams (TBA)

Game 28: Challenge-round game: teams (TBA)

Game 29: Consolation championship: Game 18 winner vs. Game 19 winner

Game 30: Fifth-place final: Game 20 winner vs. Game 21 winner

Game 31: Third-place final: Game 23 loser vs. Game 24 loser

Game 32-Sunshine Series: Boca Raton (Fla.) vs. Montverde Academy (Fla.)

8:45 p.m.: CITY OF PALMS CHAMPIONSHIP Game 23 winner vs. Game 24 winner


This week we will be covering all the action at the City of Palms Classic in Fort Myers, Fla., as I will be in attendance on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while Hoopmasters contributor Patrick Stanwood will be covering the last two days at Bishop Verot High. The event features 22-teams from across the country, so we hope you enjoy this kick-off to our holiday tournament coverage.


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