Tournament of Champions - Championship Sunday

2008 star prospect Tyler Zeller puts on MVP performance for 17-Under champs Indiana Elite

May 28, 2007

By Van Coleman


Van Coleman

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The Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions wrapped up this weekend in Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill crowning a number of champions in the 17, 16 and 15-Under divisions. 


We'd like to thank, our good friend Andre Whitehead of for his help on gathering all the scores and stats together from the different division championships, as well as the all-tourney teams at the TOC. 




17-Under National Championship Game:  Indiana Elite 71 - King of the Court 50 


This one might have been decided prior to the game tipping off on Sunday, as the list of walking wounded was impressive.  Indiana Elite was without 6-foot-6 combo guard DeAndre Liggins, but that loss paled in comparison to the King of the Court's loss of their starting backcourt in 6-foot-1 Michigan State commitment Korie Lucious and 6-foot-2 Ohio State commitment Anthony Crater.


The outcome was not in doubt in the final, as the deeper Indiana Elite squad was in control by the half-time and cruised to a 71-50 victory over the King of the Court despite a great game by 6-foot-8 Delvon Roe.  Tyler Zeller controlled the paint, earning MVP honors while Walter Offutt, Lewis Jackson, and Emmanuel Negedu gave the Elite a definite depth advantage.  They just wore down the depleted KOC squad.


The Indiana Elite was led by 6-foot-7 Arizona commit Emmanuel Negedu and 7-foot Tyler Zeller, who finished with 13 points each, while 6-foot-3 Ohio State commitment Walter Offutt added 12 points in the championship win.  The King of the Court's one bright spot in the final was 6-foot-8 Michigan State bound combo forward Delvon Roe, who had a game high 27 points in the loss.


Note: King of the Court showed their true grit in a huge come from behind 63-58 upset of the Atlanta Celtics in the semis.  They came from 12 down at the half to win.  Crater and Lucious combined for 31 points in the win.


17-Under Select Championship Game:  National Christian 61 - Wisconsin Playground Warriors 60


The National Christian prep school squad held on to nip the Wisconsin Playground Warriors 61-60 in a thriller to wrap-up the Select division at the TOC.  National Christian wing man David Diakite earned MVP honors for his play down the stretch in the tournament rounds.  National Christian was led by 5-foot-11 point guard Brian McMikle, who led all scorers with 21 points, while 6-foot-5 David Diakite added 12 points for NCA.  The Wisconsin Playground Warriors' top gun was 5-foot-11 Johnnie Lacy who finished with 18 points, while 6-foot-7 sophomore super Jamil Wilson added 15 points and 6-foot Kwamain Mitchell chipped in with 14 points in the select final. 


Bob Gibbons TOC 17-Under All-Tourney Team:


National MVP - Tyler Zeller 7-0 C (Indiana Elite)

Select MVP - David Diakite 6-5 WF (National Christian)


Emmanuel Negedu 6-7 CF-(Indiana Elite)

Walter Offutt 6-3 CG-(Indiana Elite)

Lewis Jackson 5-9 PG-(Indiana Elite)

Matt Roth 6-4 SG-(Indiana Elite)

Delvon Roe 6-8 CF-(King of the Court)

Kenny Frease 6-11 C-(King of the Court)

Korie Lucious 5-10 PG-(King of the Court)

Dante Taylor 6-9 (2009) PF-(National Christian)

Kwamain Mitchell 6-0 (2009) CG-(Wisconsin Playground Warriors)

Ray Shipman 6-5 SG-(Florida Rams)

Elliott Williams 6-4 CG-(Mike Miller M33M)

Howard Thompkins 6-9 PF-(Atlanta Celtics)

Derrick Favors 6-9 (2009) WF-(Atlanta Celtics)

Demarquis Bost 6-3 PG-(Carolina Raptors)

Romero Osby 6-7 WF-(Southeast Elite)

Courtney Fortson 6-1 PG-(Southeast Elite)

Eloy Vargas 6-10 PF-(Team Breakdown)

Terrelle Pryor 6-6 WF-(Pittsburgh Team Adidas)

Brandon Jennings 6-3 PG-(So Cal All-Stars)

Lance Stephenson 6-4 CG (2009) (Juice All-Stars)

Scotty Hopson 6-6 WF-(Mid-State Ballerz)

Eshaunte Jones 6-4 SG-(Blessed IJN Elite)

Jason Clark 6-2 CG-(Triple Threat)

Milton Jennings 6-9 (2009) PF-(Beach Ball Select)

Cashmere Wright 6-1 PG-(Hoops Planet)

Jordan Hamilton 6-6 (2009) SG-(Lamar Odom I-Can All-Stars)

Nate Miles 6-6 WF-(Northeast Playaz)

Lonnie Hayes 6-1 PG-(Queen City Prophets)

Henry Sims 6-10 C-(Baltimore Stars)

Mike Rosario 6-3 PG-(Playaz Basketball Club)

Mookie Jones 6-6 WF-(Westchester Hawks)

Yancy Gates 6-9 PF-(Ohio Basketball Club)

Maalik Wayns 6-2 (2009) CG -(Team Philly)

Melquan Bolding 6-4 SG-(New York Panthers)

Verdell Jones 6-1 CG-(Ft Sooy No Limit)

David Gibbs 6-4 SG-(Connecticut Basketball Club)

Latavious Williams 6-11 C-(Birmingham Raptors)

Andre Clark 6-10 C-(Arkansas Hawks)

Stedman Short 6-8 WF-(Carolina Raptors)

Martez Walker 6-7 CF-(Ft. Sooy No Limit)

Erving Walker 5-7 PG-(Juice All-Stars)


Top Scorers Top Ten: (All were All-Tourney)


Jordan Hamilton - 27.7ppg

Eshaunte Jones - 26.0 ppg

Elliott Williams - 26.0 ppg

Lonnie Hayes - 26.0 ppg

Terrelle Pryor - 25.3 ppg

Latavious Williams - 24.8 ppg

Cashmere Wright - 24.8 ppg

Delvon Roe - 24.2 ppg

Brandon Jennings - 23.7 ppg

Ray Shipman - 23.0 ppg


16-Under National Championship Game:  Team Breakdown 83 - Team Daniels Showtime Ballers 71


The 16-under championship featured two Florida squads going for bragging rights, as Team Breakdown behind the stellar inside-out play of 6-foot-8 tourney MVP David Loubeau won a hard fought 83-71 decision over the Marquis Daniels Showtime Ballers. MVP-David Loubeau led all scores with 30 points for Team Breakdown.  He got solid support from 6-foot-3 Brandon Knight who added 17 points and 5-foot-7 Ray Taylor who chipped in with 16 points in the final.  Marquis Daniels Ballers were led by 6-foot Charles Ford who finished with 22 points in the loss, while his back court mate 5-foot-10 Martell Buie added 17 points.


16-Under Select Championship Game:  Indiana Elite 73 - DC Assault 53 


Indiana Elite was one of the overall 16-under favorites, but struggled early and were moved to the Select division.  They showed their true potential in the final here with a 73-53 win over the DC Assault 16's.  Indiana Elite was led by 6-foot-5 freshman wing man D.J. Byrd, who had a game high 23 points, while 6-foot-1 Jordan Hulls added 12 points in the championship game.  D.C. Assault's top gun was 6-foot-8 post man Wallace Judge, who finished with 14 points.


16-Under Bob Gibbons TOC All-Tourney Team:


National MVP - David Loubeau 6-8 (2009) PF-(Team Breakdown)

Select MVP - D.J. Byrd 6-5 (2010) WF-(Indiana Elite)


Brandon Knight 6-3 (2010) PG-(Team Breakdown)

Ray Taylor 5-7 (2009) PG-(Team Breakdown)

Martell Buie 5-10 (2009) PG-(Marquis Daniels Showtime Ballers)

Dexter Fields 6-2 (2009) SG-(Marquis Daniels Showtime Ballers)

Wallace Judge 6-8 (2009) C-(DC Assault)

Rodney McGruder 6-4 (2009) WF-(DC Assault)

Stephen Van Treese 6-9 (2009) PF-(Indiana Elite)

Glen Rice Jr 6-4 (2009) SG-(Georgia Stars Black)

Brian Oliver 6-6 (2009) PF-(Playaz Club-Red)

Dominic Cheek 6-6 (2009) SG-(Playaz Club-Red)  (16-Under Top Scorer - 28ppg)

Dre McCamey 6-0 (2009) PG-(Illinois Wolves)

Mfon Udofia 6-3 (2009) SG-(Worldwide Renegades)

Oscar Griffin 6-4 (2009) WF-(Team Final)

Isaiah Philmore 6-7 (2009) CF-(Delaware Sharpshooters)

Chase Dunn 5-8 (2009) PG-(Nashville Celtics)

Kevin Parrom 6-6 (2009) WF-(Long Island Lightning)

Jamil Wilson 6-7 (2009) WF-(Wisconsin Playground Warriors)

Denzel Jones (2009) (Atlanta Celtics)


15-Under National Championship Game:  Mike Miller M33M 69 - DC Assault 54


We didn't get to see many of the 15-under teams (8 in total), but the future is bright based on those we watched.  This championship game was close early, but Mike Miller M33M just had too much firepower and won a 69-54 decision going away over the DC Assault.  M33M was led by 6-foot-6 Tyler Stone who finished with 16 points in the final.  He got solid support from 5-foot-9 Masceo Harmon who added 13 points and 6-foot-5 Ronald Brown who chipped in 12 points in the win.  The Assault's top gun was 5-foot-11 Chris Martin who scored 12 points, while 6-foot-2 wing Tyler Thornton and 6-foot combo Eric Atkins added 10 points each.


15-Under Select Championship Game:  Playaz Basketball-White 69 - Wisconsin Playground Warriors 67


The Playaz Basketball-White squad 15's held off a tough Wisconsin Playground Warriors squad 69-67 in the Select final, as division MVP 6-foot-5 power man Fuquan Edwin took game honors with 25 points for the "White" squad.  He got solid support from 6-foot-2 Isaiah Epps who finished with 12 points and 6-foot-3 Cameron Ayers who chipped in 11 points in the win.  The Playground Warriors were led by Chim Kadima who had 23 points in the final, while 6-foot-1 Kameron Cerroni added 12 points in the loss.


15-Under Bob Gibbons TOC All-Tourney Team:


National MVP - Tyler Stone-M33M

Select MVP - Fuquan Edwin-Playaz White


Masceo Harmon 5-9 (2010) PG-(Mike Miller M33M)

Tim Peete 6-3 (2010) SG-(Mike Miller M33M)

Eric Atkins 6-0 (2010) SG-(DC Assault)

Tyler Thornton 6-2 (2010) SG-(DC Assault)

Alan Farmer 5-11 (2010) CG-(Mike Miller M33M)

Cameron Ayers 6-2 (2010) SG-(Playaz Basketball Club)

Evan Anderson 6-11 (2010) C-(Wisconsin Playground Warriors)

Chim Kadima (Wisconsin Playground Warriors)

Antonio Barton 6-6 (2010) PF-(Baltimore Stars)

Roscoe Smith 6-6 (2010) PF-(Mt. Royal Team Melo)

Michael Parker 6-6 (2010) CF-(Squires Richmond)

Lakeem Duncan 6-5 (2010) PF-(Triple Threat)

Trae Golden 6-2 (2010) CG-(Atlanta Celtics) (15-Under Top Scorer - 30ppg)

Jelani Hewitt 6-2 (2010) -(Team Breakdown)

Brandyn Curry 6-1 (2010) CG-(Charlotte Royals)

Joe Jackson 6-0 (2010) SG-(Westchester Magic Wildcats)

Coty Clarke 6-4 (2010) WF-(Tennessee Thunder)

Kenny Knight 6-7 (2010) PF-(Queen City Prophets)


We'd like to thank Tournament Director Bob Gibbons for his great hospitality while we were in attendance at the Tournament of Champions.  It was a quality event as usual and one of the highlight stops of the spring tour.