McDonalds Road To The Final 64McDonalds Road To The Final 64
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Updated: Friday, March 9

The two lowest-seeded teams in the field will square off in Dayton on the Tuesday before the first round for the right to get creamed by a #1 seed (note, not necessarily the number 1 seed). The winner of the play-in game will be sent to a Friday-Sunday site if possible, but the exact site is not determined until after the bracket is filled out.

Conference Report:
8: ACC
7: Big East
6: Big Ten
5: Pac-10
4: Big 12, SEC
2: Horizon, MWC

Last Four In:
Florida St.
Missouri St.

Close, but NIT (Not In Tournament):
Air Force
Kansas St.

The conference leader is defined as the team with the highest RPI among those with the fewest conference losses. Once the conference tournament starts, the conference leader is the highest seed still alive.