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Over the three weeks leading up to the NBA Draft,'s panel of experts will answer the hot questions leading up to selection day.

Question 7: Who is the biggest sleeper in the Draft?

Steve Lappas
Morris Almond. Here's a guy who's been a big scorer in Conference USA. A lot of people did not get to see him because he plays for Rice. He's much better than people think.
Pete Gillen
I have three sleepers. First is Nick Young. He's a tremendously talented player who can get his own shot. He's very quick and has outstanding upside. He's like a poor man's Gilbert Arenas. Number two is Javaris Crittenton from Georgia Tech. He should be picked somewhere 17 to 22, but I think he could be a Top 10 pick. I think he's the second best point guard in the draft and he could be like a Baron Davis or a Deron Williams. He's big at 6-5 and an unbelievable talent. The third one is a deep sleeper - Zabian Dowdell, the point guard from Virginia Tech. He could be a very late first round, early second. He is smooth and can get his own shot. I think has a chance to make an impact down the road in the NBA.
Sean Farnham
I know he's already been invited to New York - Nick Young from USC. A lot of people nationwide don't understand his complete game. This is a guy who has gone through a great deal, but one of the things I really like about him is his ability to create his own shot. He creates separation from the defensive player . He's got athleticism that can play at the NBA level and I anticipate that he's gonna be a guy that gets picked somewhere around 12 through 20. Whichever team gets him will have a steal.