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Over the three weeks leading up to the NBA Draft,'s panel of experts will answer the hot questions leading up to selection day.

Question 6: Is there a player who should have come out after last season and was hurt by staying one more year?

Steve Lappas
I'm gonna say Joakim Noah, but I'm gonna say this - there's no doubt that winning another national championship is a huge thing, so you can't say the kid wasted his time. He certainly did not. But because of Durant and because of Oden and because of Noah not playing as well as he played last year in the NCAA tournament, he's gonna end up being around the 7th, 8th, 9th pick in the draft instead of being maybe 1 or 2 in the draft last year. I think he's a guy who got who got hurt in one way, but not in another way.
Pete Gillen
The player that jumps out to me the most is Josh McRoberts from Duke. He was the player of the year in the country in some circles coming out of high school. He had a very good season in his first year at Duke, playing with J.J. Reddick and Shelden Williams, two lottery picks and first-team All-Americans. A lot of the NBA Draft is based on what you're gonna be in the future, and here is a 6-10 skilled big guy. I think he became a reluctant star. He didn't step up. He scored 13 points a game. He had 7.9 rebounds. He had a good year, but not what people expected. He didn't take hold of the crown and put it on his head. He was a young man that kinda stayed in the background for whatever reason, and didn't step up and show the leadership. I think that he could've been a lottery if he came out after his freshman year. I think he'll be a first round pick because he's 6-10, but I think he'll be late in the first round.
Sean Farnham
It's interesting when you look at guys in the past that have stayed in college, and I go back to my playing days at UCLA, when Toby Bailey, if he had left after his freshman year, he was probably going to be a Top 10 pick overall because he won the national championship and was the hot thing. He had a phenomenal career at UCLA overall statistically, but because he stayed around, people were able to poke holes in his game. I think that happened once again this year with Glen Davis out of LSU. A year ago he was the "It" guy and people thought if he came out he was a lock for the lottery. Instead he decided to stay in, played another year, had a good year for LSU, but the team didn't have as much success, so he lost some of the buzz because there were better interior players this season. I think that really hurt him more than anything else because now the buzz was gone and he had to try to recreate that this year and it's too difficult to do in back-to-back years.