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Over the three weeks leading up to the NBA Draft,'s panel of experts will answer the hot questions leading up to selection day.

Question 5: What probable second round pick could have a big impact in the NBA in 2007-08?

Steve Lappas
Jared Dudley and Demetris Nichols. I think both have the talent to play in the NBA. Jared Dudley plays so hard and does so many things that, even though he doesn't do any one thing particularly well, he does a lot of little things for a team. I think he could find his way into the right situation and be very good. Demetris Nichols is just such a great shooter with a great release and people always looking for guys that can really shoot the ball.
Pete Gillen
The potential second rounder that I think could have a big impact next season is a guy who was a terrific player in college but I don't think he'll be a first rounder. That is Jared Dudley from BC, who was the ACC Player of the Year. He scored 19 points a game with 8.3 rebounds and 3 assists, but he's projected as a small forward and unfortunately he's not a great athlete. He's not lightning quick, but he's a tough cookie. He knows how to play, and I think he'll be picked early in the second round and that'll usually be with a weak team. He could play a lot, the coaches will be impressed with him, and I think that he could have a tremendous year because he's a winner, he's tough as nails, he can score, he knows the game inside-out and he has a good feel for it. I think he'll do a great job and surprise a lot of people.
Sean Farnham
I think a guy people don't know a lot about is Stephane Lasme out of UMass. I had an opportunity to see him play a couple of times this year. At 6-8 he's a little undersized but he has really long arms, he's very athletic, and knows how time and block shots. He is a phenomenal deterrent at the defensive end of the floor. Offensively he's a little raw, but with his athleticism, he fits into a system like the Golden State Warriors or the Phoenix Suns. You could see this guy really start to emerge in the up-and-down style of basketball. If he finds a niche place, he could be a huge surprise in this upcoming NBA draft.